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Preserving Eggs

The following recipe was transcribed ver batim from 

New-York Weekly Tribune

April 30, 1879

Preserving Eggs - "The following method for preserving eggs has been used with success, and eggs thus packed have been taken out good at the end of two years. Take air-slaked lime, and mix water with it till it is of the consistency of Indian pudding to the stirabout. Put a layer of this in the bottom of a tight vessel, and set the eggs up, small end down far, enough apart that each egg may be encased in the lime." Or, "Make the water strong enough with lime to bear the eggs, and to each four gallons of water put in one pound of bicarbonate pf soda, stir up well and keep the eggs covered with boards and weight." [G. F. W. , Rouseville, Penn.]

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