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Document Repair Tape 1 in. x 400 in. roll
"A unique combination of a very thin, strong acid-free tissue coated with acid-free adhesive which is non-yellowing, reversible and serves as a self-adhesive mending tissue which has no equal."

EK Success 1-1/2-Ounce Archival Mist
Archival Mist makes ALL paper acid free. Archival Mist gently neutralizes the destructive acids in paper and deposits a safe, permanent alkaline buffer to protect against future acid attack. Safe and easy-to-use, Archival Mist effectively treats paper keepsakes including scrapbook materials, newspaper clippings, certificates/awards, children's artwork and all other paper-based crafts. Environmentally safe formula."

Krylon Make It Acid-Free Paper Protectant Spray 6 oz. can
"If your scrapbook materials, newspaper clippings, letters, drawings and more are important to you, this is the product for you. Make It Acid-Free is an affordable new spray that raises the pH level of acidic papers and slows down the aging process. This product is ideal for scrapbook enthusiasts to keep their treasured memories protected for a lifetime. Make It Acid-Free instantly adds an invisible, protective buffer and dries quickly so you can keep working without the wait. Neutralizes acids that deteriorate paper, protects paper from getting brittle and extends the life of scrapbook materials, awards, newspaper clippings, and more."

Lineco Museum Boxes from MisterArt
"Metal edge corners are used to construct these sturdy, acid free, drop-front storage boxes. Meets museum standards for archival quality storage. Specially buffered board helps to prevent damage to contents by environmental pollutants."

LINECO Self Sealing Photo/Art Bags from MisterArt
"Protect your photos and art with these archival quality, self sealing, see-thru storage bags made of polypropylene. The peel and stick flap securely seals your treasures from dust, dirt and acidic fingerprints into a crystal clear envelope for easy viewing. Packs of 10."

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New! Preservation and Conservation for Libraries and Archives icon
"When materials aren't available due to deterioration, missing pages, disconnected covers, or other problems, it can be frustrating for users and librarians alike. The answer is to provide appropriate care for the collection from the outset, while also guiding staff on making needed repairs. In Preservation and Conservation, two experts show library administrators and decision makers optimal collection preservation techniques, what it takes to set up a conservation work area, and safe ways to mount a small exhibit. In between those responsible for repairs will find easily learned, step-by-step instructions to repair and conserve books and documents. Appendixes include care of photographs as well as suppliers lists and additional resources. For any library, archive, or historical society committed to getting materials back into circulation as quickly as possible, this reference offers a one-stop solution. From the issues relevant to directors to hands-on instructions for technicians, it's an excellent reference for the entire library."

Preservation of Library and Archival Materials: A Manual icon
"U.S. museums hold over 4 million cubic feet of archival materials and 7 million volumes of bound materials. This comprehensive, user friendly guide to preservation of paper-based library and archival materials focuses on preventing or slowing down their deterioration. The manual includes information on preservation planning, storage, emergency procedures, environmental standards and monitoring equipment, digital imaging concerns, and other preservation issues. Also included are lists of conservation service and supply companies, and illustrated procedures, checklists, and reading lists, making this a complete resource for any museum or archive."

Conservation of Photographs icon
"Technical and professional information on the stability of the photographic image, both black-and-white and color. Recommended for anyone interested in photo preservation and fine-art photography. Covers restoration of deteriorated images, preservation through reproduction, storage, display, and more."

A Preservation Guide: Saving the Past & Present for the Future icon
"Don't let accumulated certificates, photographs, documents, and other family heirlooms deteriorate in files or shoe boxes. This book provides simple guidelines to ensure that your fragile treasures will survive for future generations. The author offers specific instructions for maintaining and storing everything from paper and photographs to motion picture film, sound recordings, and textiles. She also provides tips on recovering from disasters such as floods and fires. "

The Permanence and Care of Color Photographs: Traditional and Digital Color Prints, Negatives, Slides, and Motion Pictures icon
"An important source of information for any institution charged with the preservation of color prints, negatives, color slides, motion pictures, and black and white prints. Twenty illustrated chapters cover all aspects of color preservation, plus comprehensive recommendations on the storage and display of black and white photographs."

Organizing and Preserving Your Heirloom Documents icon
"Genealogists and non-genealogists alike inherit diaries, memoirs, letters, papers, or memorabilia from their relatives and ancestors. This book shows readers how to safely collect, preserve, and even publish some of these treasured heirlooms.

"Organizing and Preserving Your Heirloom Documents is filled with practical, readable, guidelines, useful tips, and ideas on how to: locate, organize, and transcribe family documents; care for fragile, older papers; annotate and illustrate documents; conduct historical research; construct a documentary volume; publish heirloom documents."

Double Fold: Libraries and the Assault on Paper icon
This one kept me awake at night for a long, long time!  It is a must-read for anyone who loves old newspapers and books! "Novelist Nicholson Baker attacks the archiving practices of libraries. His witty, passionate, persuasive, and highly informed polemic argues that the urgency with which librarians convert newspapers and brittle books into microfilm, and dispose of original textual works, stinks of specious cost-cutting agendas--and results in the loss of valuable archival information. (And who knew there was a microfilm lobby in Washington?) A New York Times Notable Book for 2001."

The Organized Family Historian: How to File, Manage, and Protect Your Genealogical Research and Heirlooms icon
"It can take hours to research family history and it is easy to become inundated with stuff - paper records, recordings, photographs, notes, artifacts, and more information than one would imagine could ever exist. The usefulness of the collection is in the organization - using computers, archival boxes, files, and forms to help you put your hands on what you need when you need it. Also included, in this book, are instructions on the best ways to store and preserve one-of-a-kind family relics. Fifth in the National Genealogical Society's Guide series, The Organized Family Historian will follow the same user-friendly format that makes the other books helpful at any level of genealogical experience. The NGS offers readers 100 years of research and experience."

Saving Stuff: How to Care for and Preserve Your Collectibles, Heirlooms, and Other Prized Possessions icon
This is the definitive book on preserving by the man who has overseen the Smithsonian's preservation of everything from the papers of our founding fathers to the Fonz's leather jacket. "From a fragile antique quilt to a child's macaroni artwork, this book offers expert advice on saving those priceless objects from entropy for the "museum of you." Williams, senior conservator at the Smithsonian Institute, shares his extensive knowledge on the art of preservation, offering at-home techniques for battling damage from light, humidity, rodents and other pests, like careless friends and family members. Divided into easily navigable chapters, the book offers step-by-step guidelines, lists of supplies needed and numerous rules for preserving everything from "family treasures" to "really valuable stuff," with specifics on caring for objects including record players, political memorabilia, fine art, vintage clothing and more. Sidebars detail tips (e.g. how to turn the pages of a vintage book), bust myths (don't store silver in plastic wrap-it'll cause tarnish) and offer "Smithsonian Stories," quirky anecdotes about the Institution's collection. Peppered with personal stories by Jaggar, an amateur collector, about her past maintenance mess-ups, the book is written in clear, concise language that explains these professional techniques to any reader looking to safeguard his loot."

Preserving Your Family Photographs

An Ounce of Prevention: A Guide to the Care of Papers & Photographs

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