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No, all Poodles are not girls. 

Yes, all Poodles were originally this large. We like 'em that way!

Yes, Poodles originated as hunting dogs. Cookie says to tell you she looks quite fetching in camo, too. No pun intended.

Yes, Poodles are very, very smart. One famous literary poodle was John Steinbeck's muse. Have you read Travels With Charley? Charley was a blue (yes, blue) Standard Poodle who spoke only French. Naturally. Our poodles, of course, speak only Texan.


Poodles Are Hunting Dogs!

Versatility in Poodles

The Wonderful World of Poodles

The Poodle Museum

The Poodle History Project


Poodle World

Great Poodle Books

Great Dog Books

  • SitStay.com has a great selection of books.

  • The Best Dog in the World: Vintage Portraits of Children and Their Dogs icon
    "Packed with gorgeous sepia-toned photographs, The Best Dog in the World is a timeless tribute to loyal canine companions and the kids who adore them. Historian and dog lover Donna Long's insightful text provides a window into the lives of children during this golden age, while her notes about their patient pups shed light on the rising popularity of familiar breeds (as well as good old-fashioned mutts). From precious pugs to regal retrievers, this rare collection of portraits is a sweet, poignant, and captivating testament to the abiding love between children and their dogs."
    • An endearing collection of 120 antique and vintage photographs of children and their devoted dogs, taken between 1875 and 1925.
    • Describes when specific breeds arrived in North America, how they became popular, and what they did to steal our hearts.
    • Includes both professionally photographed studio portraits and candid snapshots of dogs posed with their proud, pint-sized owners.
    • A must-have for dog lovers, collectors of Victoriana, and enthusiasts of historical photography.
  • The Dog Album: Studio Portraits of Dogs & Their People
    "As every dog lover knows, the domesticated canine is more than man's best friend-he or she is a "bone"-a-fide member of the family. The Dog Album, a wonderful collection of antique photos, proves it has always been so. Back in the days before the snapshot, portraits were only taken in studios by professional photographers. For the nineteenth-century businessman, newly engaged couple, or Victorian family dressed in their Sunday best, a photo session was indeed a special occasion. Cameras were cumbersome, exposures slow, and subjects had to hold a pose for minutes at a time-all of which makes the fact that so many dogs participated in the event that much more fascinating. Pooches, purebreds, and mutts in all shapes and sizes were paired with babies, older children, entire families, even tradesmen. The combinations are sure to charm contemporary dog people.

    "From daguerreotypes to tintypes, cartes de visite to cabinet cards, stereographs to photographic postcards, The Dog Album represents the finest images from the combined collections of the authors. The book also charts the history of American portrait photography. Images are grouped according to photographic process, accurately reproduced, and dated whenever possible. A thorough explanation of the featured process introduces each section. For fido fanatics and history buffs, The Dog Album offers unique insight into a near-century of American hounds and the humans who loved them."

  • Postcard Dogs "A beautiful collection of private photographs and amusing commercial postcards from the turn of the last century that celebrate our love for man's best friend.
    "While visiting postcard fairs and browsing their collections, Libby Hall, author of Prince and Other Dogs I and II, found herself won over by these cards. Wildly sentimental images that in a modern light might seem over the top-a dog crying real tears while thinking of his master fighting on the front lines during World War I, an Edwardian tea party given for a child's favorite pet, a canine family toasting their uncle's good health-suggest a genuine love and respect for the animals that were beginning to become a fixture of the modern nuclear family. For both collectors and general readers, Postcard Dogs will charm and amuse you with its odd yet heartfelt portraits...."
  • The Truth About Dogs: An Inquiry Into the Ancestry, Social Conventions, Mental Habits, and Moral Fiber of Canis Familiaris
    "Dogs: Man's best friends-or canine con artists? For centuries dogs have stolen our hearts, our homes, and our wallets. Just how do dogs get otherwise reasonable adults to feed them sirloin, let them occupy easy chairs, and generally allow them to regulate our every waking hour? In this provocative, entertaining, and wholly admiring reappraisal of our canine companions, Stephen Budiansky calls upon the latest research on dog behavior, genes, and evolution to explain why dogs do what they do, think what they think, and feel what they feel-and how they have come to occupy such a remarkable place in our lives and affections. Challenging many of our accepted ideas about canine intelligence and emotions, Budiansky shows how the very strange things that dogs so often do-fiercely guarding pairs of shoes, barking incessantly at the UPS man, rolling in really foul-smelling things-are the product of a rich blending of their ancient wolf ancestry, their subsequent dramatic evolutionary changes in the company of man, and their ever-so-peculiar modern social environment, neither wolf nor human. This original and insightful reexamination of an animal at once so familiar and so mysterious tells us, for the first time ever, what it truly is to be a dog."

  • Don't Shoot the Dog: The New Art of Teaching and Training icon
    By far the best training method I've ever seen, and the principles work nicely on people, too!

Calais Toy Poodles Say "hi" to Sharon Smith, a friend to Cookie & Brownie and all the rest of us, too!!

Anutta Standard Poodles

Argan Poodles

Abramson Family Poodles

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SitStay.com - EXTRAORDINARY Dog Supplies at great prices with fantastic customer service.

Animal Den - this Animal Lovers Gift Shop is highly recommended. Great products, top service, five stars.

1-800-PetMeds - America's Pet Health Resource

Petscriptions.com offers thousands of prescription and non-prescription medications. Visit us today!

Karen Pryor's Clicker Training Brilliant, and it works on people, too!



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