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I've come across quite a bit of sentimental poetry, especially in the 19th-century newspapers, and I thought that you  might enjoy reading some of the poems that your great-great grandparents might have cut out and slipped into the family Bible.  Some of them are very sentimental and deal with untimely death, especially the death of a child. Others are humorous. Some are in "dialect," now quite politically incorrect, but they aren't specifically intended to be racist. Dialect poetry and prose were quite popular in the 1800s. 

What surprised me the most in all of this was that most of the poems commonly appeared  prominently on the newspapers' front pages!

Note: A few of these are especially large files, as the poems tend to be longer than the average obit or marriage announcement found elsewhere on this site. I didn't want to break them up by cutting and pasting into separate pages, so please be patient while they load. 

I have begun transcribing the most recently added poems for loading time's sake.

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New! Death of the Young

Boston Cultivator


Mother's Eve Pudding

Unusual Recipe in Verse

Peterson's Magazine


Lazy Club

The New-York Courier

March 8, 1862

To An Early Bee

The Boston Patriot

May 5, 1810

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Poetry for the War
Because Pro-American poets have First Amendment rights, too!

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