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I won't claim to know anything about taking great pictures, but I can steer you to more information about old photographs.

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Learn about the various stages in the development of the art of photography, and get clues that can help you date your old photos.

Cameras and Digital Imaging: Scanners, Digital Cameras, Software, Instructional & Repair Manuals & More!

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Victorian Links

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New Link! Article from Garden & Gun magazine: A Life in Pictures Collector David Vaughan keeps the memory of Civil War soldiers alive—and on display.

American Museum of Photography

Craig's Daguerreian Registry The acknowledged resource for American Photographers, 1839-1860.

The Daguerreian Society

 Albumen Photographs: History, Science and Preservation

Digital Cameras and Genealogy
Resources on this site explain how to choose a digital camera, use a camera to digitize old photos and store your electronic images. An article on planning and executing a digital genealogy project discusses file formats, image formats, image-editing software and HTML files.

19th Century Photography
Excellent resource from Andrew J. Morris! Explore photography's history or learn about the different types of photos. Of particular interest is the Dating section, which gives detailed information about dating 19th-century card-mounted photographs. Be sure to browse through the wonderful gallery.

The Unwritten: Saving Your Photo Stories for the Future

Card and Paper Photographs, 1854-1900
What's a carte-de-viste? A cabinet card? A stereo photograph? Learn more about the various types of historic photographs that you may have in your collection, or that you may find at flea markets, antiques shops, or at online auctions.

Wonderful Article! Searching for Florence  

Photos and Genealogy

A Gift of Photos
Can you think of anything more welcome than a copy of a treasured old family photo?

Identifying Family Photographs

Copying Priceless Photos Yourself

Historic Photography: Identification and Preservation
Are you scratching your head over the difference between daguerreotypes, ambrotypes and tintypes? Read this helpful article from and learn to identify these historic photography methods, and get tips on the proper care of these wonderful artifacts.

Identifying Photos Don't miss this series!
Part of Family Tree magazine's website, this is an ongoing series of articles focused on one of my favorite topics, old family photos. 

The Costume Gallery & The Costume Classroom  
Do you have some old photos that you're trying to date? Look at the clothes! These Costume Gallery & The Costume Classroom are a wonderful resource about period clothing. You'd be surprised at how the details of a dress, for example, can pin the date of a photo down to a five-year period! Browse through the beautiful, interesting pages here and learn more about the clothing in those old pictures!

The Social Construction of the American Daguerreotype Portrait 1839-1860 
Interesting reading, especially if you happen to have any old daguerreotypes in your family collection.

The Daguerreotype
Beautiful examples of daguerreotypes here!

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Secrets of the Dark Chamber: The Art of the American Daguerreotype

Snapshot Chronicles: Inventing the American Photo Album icon
"Today, the photo album is something we practically take for granted, and "scrapbooking" is a billion dollar industry with its own television network. It was not always so. Before the camera, ordinary families had little more than the family Bible, a portrait of grandpa, and a drawer full of documents. Then Eastman Kodak introduced the Brownie, giving Americans the means to document and record their daily lives. Hundreds of thousands of these cameras were produced, and as a result small collections of photographs were assembled and preserved in an astonishing assortment of albums, with photographs as the raw material for collages, constructions, and text experiments.

"Snapshot Chronicles is a visual exploration of the creative outpouring made possible by the camera. Friends, family, travel, domestic life, special occasions, the workplace, farm and city life--"these were all intermingled in early albums in surprising and dynamic forms. Men, women, and even children became the creators of their own visual biographies, and documenters of previously unprecedented aspects of American life.

"Four essayists weave together the history of the photo album, making them not just a part of our past but a significant aspect of Americana. "Snapshot Chronicles is designed by noted graphic designer Martin Venezky ("It Is Beautiful...Then Gone). "

Natchez: Victorian Children (Images of America) icon

Victorian Britain Through the Magic Lantern icon

Collector's Guide to Early Photographs icon
"This updated one-of-a-kind reference guide provides invaluable information on identifying, cataloging, and valuing cased images to help readers succeed in the hot hobby of collecting and preserving 19th-century photographs. This new edition gives updated prices for hundreds of photographs, and includes the latest improvements and trends in restoration, conservation, and pricing. "

Dating Old Photographs 1840-1929

Unlocking the Secrets in Old Photographs
Learn how to find those key clues in your ancestors' photographs with Unlocking the Secrets in Old Photographs! You've looked at photos before, but have you ever actually "seen" the photos? Author Karen Frisch-Ripley will guide you through the detailed process of analyzing historical photographs as she teaches you to "see!" Ripley's clear and expressive writing will teach you such skills as:

- The care and restoration of photographs
-Recognizing photo types
-Finding public sources of information
-Dating photographs and much more!

You'll quickly see how easy it is to identify the family in your photos! Get Unlocking the Secrets in Old Photographs and discover those hidden genealogical gems in your family photographs!

Lady Hawarden: Clementina, Lady Hawarden: Studies from Life 1857-1864 

Dressed for the Photographer: Ordinary Americans and Fashion 1840-1900 
I have this book, and I love it!  The author has done exhaustive research in 19th century clothing and hair styles. She gives many fine examples of using these clues to date old photographs to within a very few years of their creation.  

We can be thankful that most American women, now matter how far they might be out on the frontier, wanted to keep up with the fashions of their day. This gives us an opportunity to examine details of clothing and accessory details to determine when a photo had been originally made.  

I consider Dressed for the Photographer  to be one of the most useful books on my shelves.

Uncovering Your Ancestry Through Family Photographs icon
"Everyone keeps old family photographs, whether in frames, albums or shoe boxes. These photos house a treasury of genealogical information, revealing unique details about our ancestors' lives, personalities and everyday realities. Following this guide's step-by-step instruction, anyone can learn how to identify different types of family photographs to determine their date, location, and in some instances, their photographer. Case studies of actual photographs illustrate how other details, such as poses, props, dress and setting can lead to several new genealogical discoveries. Even if a reader's collection of images is limited, this guide provides methods for locating additional photos through libraries, relatives and archives. Once these photos are collected and analyzed, readers will also learn how to preserve their family collection for generations to come."

Photographing Your Heritage icon
Another book from my own bookshelves, this one is a very useful how-to book for folks who want to photograph tombstones, heirlooms, buildings, documents or even copy old photos with their cameras. 

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Collections Online

New! Foto Search Image Library and Archives
Foto Search Image Library offers over 700 thousand images in its extensive online archive, including photography, clipart, illustrations, footage, and maps.  It offers  the opportunity to view world-class photography and art free of charge.  It is the digital, online equivalent of a conventional art museum.

Louisiana Digital Library
Great collections include early Louisiana photo collections.

Digital Collections on the Internet
Great group of links to a wide variety of online photo collections.

The Francis Frith Collection Online
Fabulous online collection of a pioneering Victorian photographer. This is absolutely a must-visit site if you're a photo buff! Even better: not only can you enjoy these photos in their online gallery, you can order prints for your very own!

Touring Turn of the Century America
Photographs from the Detroit Publishing Company, 1880 - 1920. Another wonderful collection from The Library of Congress.

Photographic Archives at the University of Louisville
Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! See their online exhibition of early Appalachian photographs, among many others.

American Memory
From the Library of Congress, a wonderful collection of "Words, sounds and pictures."  Search over 90 collections, including
History of the American West, Portraits of Creative AmericansSelected Civil War Photos, and many more.

Historic Oregon Photographs
From the Salem, Oregon Public Library. Searchable!

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Archival Supplies

Preserving Family Photos

More Preservation Supplies and More Photo Albums

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Digital Imaging: Scanners, Digital Cameras, Software

Craig's Cameras is the world-recognized specialist in INSTRUCTION MANUALS for photographic equipment--you know, those elusive booklets that came with the equipment when it was new, and showed you how to use it. We stock more than 11,000 different booklets. As well, you will find more than 10,000 different pieces of collectible PHOTOGRAPHIC LITERATURE on our site (including repair books). Our page of more than 150 REPRINTED REPAIR MANUALS is additional material not included in our other pages of literature.

Adobe Photoshop Album

Jasc Paint Shop Pro 7.0 Anniversary Edition

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