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Wintersmith's Chill Tonic  Cure your malaria or just get a boost from this patent medicine, which you could order from Arthur PETER & Company in Louisville, Kentucky.

Swift's Specific One happy customer claims to have been cured of an itch that had lasted for ten months.

Dr. WEST's Brain & Nerve Cure Are you hysterical? Forgetful? Maybe you need this one, or maybe you don't! I can't remember!

Itching Piles? One box'll fix you right up! In case you're not familiar with the term, one John BRADLEY has signed his name to a testimonial for a hemorrhoid cure...

Gooch's Mexican Syrup Endorsed by a minister, no less. I don't know.... "Gooch doesn't sound very Mexican to me....

St. Jacobs Oil I don't know what you'll think about him...but I think the guy in this ad looks like the one you get on those fortune telling cards that tell you you're going to be soon departing this world! And it's supposed to be medicine. 

Hunt's Lightning Oil  Kills those germs that lead to deadly blood poisoning... Wonder what happened to the patient?

PITCHER's Castoria  Got tapeworm?

Dr. T. McGOWN's Sasparilla & Iodide of Potash Sounds sort of scientific, doesn't it? Purifies the blood, restores the health...the usual.

Hostetter's Stomach Bitters Claims to be the "Keystone of Health." Suffering from malarial fever, costiveness, headache, indigestion, bowel or kidney disorders? Try Hostetter's! From 1909.

Carter's Little Liver Pills Oh, the wretchedness of...

Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound You'll be surprised at how many ailments this one can cure! This testimony claimed that after "just one and a half bottles," the writer was "right" again. She'd suffered from bloating, bearing-down pains, cramps, chills and insomnia; her doctors said they could never make her "regular" again. From 1909.

Bile Beans The name alone would have a powerful curative effect on me: I'd rather will myself to get well than eat something with a name like that!

Cascarets From a 1903 issue of the Dallas, Texas Morning News.

Physician's Choice (Great American Products)

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