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Mystic Healers and Medicine Shows: Blazing Trails to Wellness in the Old West and Beyond

You've Been Had! How the Media and Environmentalists Turned America into a Nation of Hypochondriacs icon

Quack! Tales of Medical Fraud from the Museum of Questionable Medical Devices icon

Pseudo-Science & Society in Nineteenth Century America icon

A. NETTE Offers Hungarian Leeches, 1867

Munyon's Rheumatism Cure, 1898 Could this be the famous MUNYON of the Paw-Paw Pills (below)? This one has his picture... looking a bit like a mad scientist!

Wine of Tar, 1881 Now isn't that a tempting name? Made by Dr. CROOK, no less.

Gloria Tonic Tablets Mrs. Jacob SEXAUER of Wisconsin suffered 33 years before finding this miracle cure! 1905

Cure Piles Without the Knife! 1901

Simmons' Liver Regulator, 1872

Got Pimples? Gone Bald? You need Vegetable Balm! 1880

Warner's Safe Kidney & Liver Cure, for all diseases in the lower half of the body, along with malaria, headache, ague, and all the usual suspects. Great graphic illustrates the "simple tropical leaf" source of this miracle tonic! 1881 

Persian Pills Promise Sovereign Power... Buy from Henry BENTON in Hartford, CT, 1840

"666," for headaches, poor appetite, malaria, you name it! Speaking of names, did someone forget to do their marketing research before naming this one?

Dr. MILLER'S Vegetable Expectorant, for all lung ailments. Available from E. MORGAN & Sons in RI, 1892

For Children's Coughs and Colds, try Foley's Honey & Tar!

For That Dry, Hacking Cough... Ballard's Horehound Syrup

Coax Your Liver into Action with Munson's Paw-Paw Pills!

Cure your consumption with Psychine. Tuberculosis, that is...

Magnetic Therapy Hmmm...maybe it's not as new as some folks thought it was..

Make your liver do its duty! It won't shirk from its work with Carter's Little Liver Pills.

How's Your Liver? Bowels Regular? Is your tongue coated? Maybe you need Hot Springs Liver Buttons! From the greatest medical minds at the world's great Sanitarium, and  the state that brought us William Jefferson Clinton...

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