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An Ounce of Preservation: A Guide to the Care of Papers and Photographs

Paperback - 111 pages (March 1995)
Rainbow Books, Inc.; ISBN: 1568250215 ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.29 x 8.44 x 5.47 Price as of this Listing: $11.01

Archivist Craig Tuttle's book, targeted at the lay person, provides the answer to the question of how to preserve papers and photographs. In An Ounce of Preservation, he provides a clear and concise discussion of the causes of paper and photograph deterioration and he teaches the reader to recognize the damage caused by such environmental conditions as temperature, humidity, fungi, insects and rodents, light exposure, pollutants, water damage, framing, lamination, fasteners and adhesives, fire and theft. Included in the long list of paper-based and photographic items which can be preserved and repaired are letters, books, posters, works of art on paper, certificates and awards, comic books, journals, scrapbooks, magazines, newspapers, stamps, report cards, sports cards, greeting cards, postcards, black and white and color photographs, negatives, slides and movie film. An Ounce of Preservation also includes information on the care and handling of paper-based items and photographic materials and techniques for the repair and cleaning of mildly damaged items. In addition, there are four appendices which provide a reference guide to damage/cause, a descriptive list of preservation supplies, where these supplies can be purchased and sources to contact for additional information on paper and photograph preservation. As an added bonus, the book includes a chapter on how to arrange paper and photographic collections for easy storage and retrieval. Also included is a preservation glossary, a bibliography, an index and 14 black and white photographs, which illustrate the different types of damage to paper-based items and photographs.

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