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THOMPSON killed at Coalgate, Indian Territory - 1903.

Armed desperadoes hunting each other through KY like wild animals - 1885.

SORRELS and GREGG try to rob Postmaster IRWIN, 1903.

HENDRIX charged with robbery - 1903.

Attempted suicide in Birmingham, Alabama - 1885.

Looks like they're gonna lynch this fella! And he deserves it, too!

1885 - Suicide of a Hotel Proprietor - JENKINS.

1885 Boiler Explosion in Bardstown, KY.

Barber arrested in New Orleans for charging too much?! 1912

1921 The BROOKS, LIBBY and SPRINGER families of Maine enjoy a picnic at Biddeford Pool.

1883 California Train Wreck tragedy  

KUHN Minneapolis suicide over unrequited love - 1903.

The Widow TAYLOR is recovering; prefers to raise her children in America rather than her native England.

Little Mr. SANBORN celebrates his 6th birthday!

Brother stabs brother in Omaha, Nebraska, 1903.  

In Allentown, PA, Mrs. LEIBY dies...from eating too many cakes? 1903

1897 - A Kentucky Belle crowns NY Charity Ball

1897 - U. S. Marshal Shot in Port Townsend, WA

1897 - Mrs. Hannah SHERMAN is 100 years old.

1883 - Milwaukee, WI:  the NEWHALL House "holocaust"

1897 - Charles DIESNER's flour mill burns in Waukesha, Wisconsin.

1897 - Edward IVORY returns from Great Britain  - had been accused by British police of dynamiting. 

Captain POWELL vows to have the Minnie Moody sailing again. 1881, Truckee, CA

Robert STEELE's foot is crushed. 1881, Truckee, CA

A Party at SCHAFFER's Mill! 1881, Truckee CA. Lots of names!

W. S. WHITE goes east. 1881 CA

J. H. BOARDMAN visits Truckee, CA, 1881.

George CUMBASH arrested, 1876, WV.

The Virginia Free Press reports an invitation from a literary society of Shepherd College, 1876. SANDERS, SHARP, FAUCETT, TURNER, KNOTT

Bold Attempt to Rob  Son of Thomas FARRELL, 1872, Marysville, California


D. C. HYDE hosts Grant & Wilson Club, Rochester, NY, 1872.

The "Diamond Pin Case," Rochester, NY, 1872 (SULLIVAN, ROGERS, WHITELOCK, BUCK)

James L. FARMER has a serious accident, 1872.

A Fatal Letter: Supposed Cause of Lt. CARROW's Suicide, 1879

WILLIAMS - HILBURN in Indian Territory

LEBESCHULTZ wedding, SC, 1870

Wrong Man Arrested! News from NY, 1888 GANTZ, KEELER, SMYTH, NUGENT, HILL, McLAUGHLIN

Edward GRUMBY Arrest, Philadelphia, PA, 1888

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