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Herkimer Co., NY Farmers' Club Meets, 1867 WHITMAN

Jurors Interviewed for Fair Case; De SOLA Amuses the Court, 1872, CA. LOTS of names! 

Early California Drive-By Shooting Takes Off Joe McGREW's Thumb, 1881

BROWN News in Ohio, 1872

Grand Inaugural Ball in Washington, D. C., 1857. LOTS of names!  Be prepared to wait for the image to load, but then you'll get to see names of many committee members who helped put together this charitable event ($5 a pop! A lot back then!) for the benefit of the poor of Washington, D. C.  

Doesn't look like they had any good BBQ, though. Shucks. Those folks didn't know how to eat.

Straight University Law Dept.: Faculty, Students & Graduates, Louisiana, 1881. 

The Brits Look Down Their Noses at Californians, 1879

Mrs. HOLMES Visits her Daughter, Mrs. WHEELER, NH, 1918

Mrs. HODGMAN is Hostess for Rebekah Lodge Picnic in Concord, 1918

FISH News from NH, 1918

Daniel DOWNES Motors to NH, 1918 DOWNES, SARGENT

Actress Prostrate With Grief Over Death of Horse in St. Louis, 1873

J. S. PITTMAN injured in hit-and-run, 1910

Romance on the Frontier: 7th Cavalry Private Elopes with Wealthy Merchant's Daughter, 1879

Meeting at Xenia, OH, 1872 WILEY, DOXEN, CLAY, McKENNEY, WINANS

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