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Annual Catholic Church Pew Sale in White Castle, Louisiana, 1912 

News From Castor, Bienville Parish, Louisiana, 1912

1912 Sewer Explosion on NYC's East Side blasts Teddy O'KEEFE into the air.

Republican Club formed at Port Huron, Michigan, 1878.

Boiler Explosion in Fosteria, Ohio, Kills One, Injures Others, 1879

Officers of the U. S. Ship Delaware, sailing from Hampton Road, bound for the Mediterranean, 1828.  

An Escape Attempt in Mississippi, 1879

James HARTLEY of Charlestown, WV in railroad accident, 1876.

Shoe manufacturer F. A. COSGROVE visits Memphis, TN, 1879.

1897 - B. F. TELLER & Bro. offer loans.

1897 - John J. SHANFELTER manages "absolutely fire-proof" apartments.

1897 - H. BELFIELD offers rental space in Philadelphia.

1792 - Samuel DAVIS advertises Pennsylvania Plantation

1903 - Cascarets says they're the remedy for "too much holiday fun & folly!"

Wm. YATES of Philadelphia advertises "Curious" old wine, 1828.

S. C. FLEMING has room & board available in Vermont, 1879.

1872 - The Drama Society of Sacramento Advertises a Grand Masquerade Ball. RODUST, HEILBRON, GOTTHOLD,  STROBEL, GATTMAN, KREBS, WEINRICH, GROTH

W. P. COLEMAN advertises real estate sales in Sacramento, CA, 1872.

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