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This special section of The Olden Times features old newspaper articles from or about Scotland & Scottish families. 

You'll find old news articles, obituaries, birth & marriage announcements, ads and more. See the links at the top of this page to go to the Index of Names or to search this site.

Each of these was scanned from an original issue of an old newspaper in my personal collection. They appear in the order in which they were added to this website.

Note: The Index of Names is always your best bet for finding a specific name!

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News from the Lockerbie Police Commission, 1883 WRIGHT, MACKENZIE

MILLER - GRAHAM-STERLING Wedding at the Alexandra Hotel, Edinburgh, 1883

John TWEEDIE Has Lost his Collie Dog, 1883

BARNES-GRAHAM Birth at Edinburgh, 1883

LOGAN Death at Lucknow, 7th Bengal Native Infantry, India 1883

O'RORKE Birth at Inverness, 1883

STEWART Birth at Glasgow, 1883

GORDON Birth at Edinburgh, 1883

LAING Allegedly Stabbed to Death by SMITH, 1883 RUTHERFURD

Fire at LARKIN's, Edinburgh, 1883

MOYNIHAN Convicted: News from County Cork, Ireland, 1883 CARROLL

Osama bin Musical, starring Colin Powell and George Bush. Sing along, ya'll!

FRAME - FRANK (or HOLT?) Marriage, 1881

WISE Birth, Edinburgh, 1858

LIDDLE Death, Falkirk, 188

Mackenzie Birth, Bonnington, 1888

WILSON Birth Announcement, 1888

CAMERON Birth, 1888

FAIRBAIRN - SIMPSON Marriage, 1888

SMITH - DALTON Marriage at Rockingham County, NC - Both Residents of Scotland, 1872

AITKEN Birth, Burton Hill, 1888

A Little Humor: Sunday in Scotland, 1881


BUTTIMER Wins Award for Heroism, 1888

Two Sentenced for Burglary, 1888 WAINER, DUDLEY, SWIFT


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