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This special section of The Olden Times features old newspaper articles from or about Pennsylvania and Pennsylvania families. 

You'll find old news articles, obituaries, birth & marriage announcements, ads and more. See the links at the top of this page to go to the Index of Names, to search this site or to take a look at the site map.

Note: The Index of Names is always your best bet for finding a specific name!

Each of these was scanned from an original issue of an old newspaper in my personal collection. They appear in the order in which they were added to this website. Be sure to check for archived stories, since I move them from this page to the Archives periodically.

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EWELL & Son, Undertakers, GAR Post 14, Philadelphia, 1883

COOKE Death Near Philadelphia, 1871

RICHARDSON Estate Notice, Susquehanna, 1880

Vintage Pennsylvania postcard: the Liberty Bell, 1912

SEARLE Estate Notice, Susquehanna, 1880

HUBBARD Estate Notice, Susquehanna, 1880

LYMAN Legal Notice, Susquehanna, 1880

LAW Estate Notice, Susquehanna, 1880

DONNELLY Estate Notice, Susquehanna, 1880

STEICHEN - ORME Marriage, Delaware Co., 1893

Ludwig HENNING Death, Philadelphia, 1893

SONES - SHUEY Marriage, Centre Co., 1893

APPLIN - BUSH Marriage, 1893

KRUPP Death, Burial in Montgomery County, 1893

"For Cot sake, Get those shackasses im-me-di-ate-ly!" 1st PA Cavalry, 1862  RICHARDS, FREMONT

Dandelion Wine Recipe, 1915

TIFFANY - KINNEY Marriage at Dimock, 1880

BLOWERS - WARNER Marriage, Susquehanna Co., 1880

SAFFORD - SUMMERS Marriage, 1880

STARK & STRICKLAND Deaths, Susquehanna County, 1880

Got Pimples? Gone Bald? You need Vegetable Balm! 1880

BLAKESLEE Estate Notice, Susquehanna Co., 1880 MILLS

DAILEY Farm for Sale, see McDONALD, Susquehanna Co., 1880

WOODRING Death, Allentown, 1881

SCHREIBER Death, Northampton Co., 1881

BUTZ Death, Allentown, 1881

Joseph DANZO Traveling with Baby Strapped to his Back, 1916

SCHOEPPE Trial for STEINECKE Murder Begins, Carlisle, 1872

"Queen of Thieves" Arrested, 1871 DANFIELD

Tragedy in Pittsburgh: Michigan Man Murders Relative Over Money, 1871 HENRY, LOVERIDGE

Assignee's Sale of Conrad STUTZ Property, 1888

11 Dead in Pittsburg Fire, 1898 BOOTH, McFADDEN

Sweet Tooth? In Philadelphia, call on J. W. CORLIES. 1823

Do you prefer your salmon smoked or pickled? Charles EATON offers both! Philadelphia, 1823

WILSON Death at Shippensburg, 1877


Professor KOCH Defaults, 1873

MURRAY Will Discovered n Mattress, Newville, 1916 *Fixed!

Mrs. DIEROLF and S. J. KAFOURG of Philadelphia Injured in Texas Train Wreck, 1912

YETTERS Suspected of larceny, 1871

CONRAD Residence Burglarized, 1871

Baker Charles FABER Assaulted, 1871

Officer SLACKS Murdered, Pittsburgh, 1872

Mr. KARPER Returns to Shippensburg, 1903

DILLER Ships Fat Cattle for EBERLY, 1903

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