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This special section of The Olden Times features old newspaper articles from or about Nevada & Nevada families. 

You'll find old news articles, obituaries, birth & marriage announcements, ads and more. See the links at the top of this page to go to the Index of Names, to search this site or to take a look at the site map.

Note: The Index of Names is always your best bet for finding a specific name!

Each of these was scanned from an original issue of an old newspaper in my personal collection. They appear in the order in which they were added to this website. Be sure to check for archived stories, since I move them from this page to the Archives periodically.

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Dr. Pettinelli Sells Miner's Bitters, 1874

Hitched, 1874 A brief morality play in verse.

Pioneer Laundry Ad, 1874 Well, somebody had to do it!  HALL 

DIXON Death at Dayton, 1874

George W. DORWIN, Assayer, NV, 1874

GOBEY Birth, Virginia City, 1874

FOULKS Birth, Verdi, 1874

I. LEVERSEE - Builder, Carpenter, and Coffin-Maker, 1874

COOK Death at Unionville, Pershing Co., 1874

T. R. FARR Makes Boots & Shoes, Silver City, 1874

GLADDING Birth, Washoe Co., 1874

BELL Sentenced for GILLETT Shooting, 1874

RULE Death at Virginia City, Storey Co., 1874

DALEY Death at Hamilton, White Pine Co., 1874

Visit Dick BROWN's Silver Palace Saloon! Silver City, 1874

Do you owe McTIGUE for picnic tickets? Pay up!

HONMAIR - GENESEY Marriage, Virginia City, 1874

McMANN Birth, New York Canyon, 1874

HOLMAN Birth, Humboldt County, 1874

MAHANNY - INCELL Marriage, 1874

KILLEN Death at Buckeye Mine, 1874

Ira EATON Honored, 1872

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