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This special section of The Olden Times features an index of old newspaper articles about New Hampshire and New Hampshire families. They can be a valuable resource for genealogical and historical research.

 Each of these was scanned from an original issue of an old newspaper in my personal collection. They appear in the order in which they were added to this website, with the most recently added items at the top of the list below.

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Joel CARTER Advertises New Goods, Just In! Nashua, 1830

Winthrop YOUNG Death, Canterbury, 1832

Death of Revolutionary War Veteran Richard GREEN, 1832

"Galvanic battery" used in attempt to resuscitate dead prisoner: CROWNINSHIELD Jailhouse Suicide, Salem, 1830     NEEDHAM, BROWN

House at Auction, Nashua, 1830    SPALDING, CHAMBERLAIN, ABBOT, FRENCH, BOWERS

Medical Society Meeting in Hopkinton Announced, 1808    SPALDING, STANLEY

GOODWIN & FROST Partnership Dissolved, Portsmouth, 1817

Thomas BURNAM Alters Route, Milford, 1808     WATSON, RAY

Death of General STARK, Revolutionary War Veteran, 1822

DAVIS - LYMAN Marriage, 1851

BISSELL - BOYCE Marriage, 1851

Inn at Fitzwilliam to be Auctioned, 1812    GOLDSMITH, WILLIAMS, WINSOR, WRIGHT, PARKER, FAY

Trunk Mis-Carried in Manchester, 1870     STEVENS, DORR

THAYER & WIGGIN Advertise CHANNING Election Sermon, Nashua, 1830

Walter ADRIANCE of Poughkeepsie Visits Manchester, 1870

Lydia WHITNEY Death, 1859

Hannah BALCH Death, Portsmouth, 1817

Phebe BELLOWS Death at Walpole, Sister of Caleb STRONG, 1817

SLATER Death, Sullivan County, 1817

EVANS Drowning Death at Derry, 1870

Explosion Injures Three Workmen, Salem, 1870    CALLAHAN, HOWARD, O'BRIEN

J. Q. A. SARGENT Ready for Work; Contact at FOGG & JAMES', 1870

THORNTON - GOOKIN   Marriage, 1817

Stephen KENDRICK Advertises Farm Equipment, Nashua, 1830

BALDWIN - GOODRIDGE Marriage at Nashua by Rev. MORSE, 1858

Aaron KNIGHT, Jr. Death at Hancock, New Hampshire, and Charles KNIGHT Death at Hopkinton, Massachusetts, both sons of Deacon Aaron KNIGHT, 1848


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