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This special section of The Olden Times features old newspaper articles from or about Indiana history and Indiana families. 

You'll find old news articles, obituaries, birth & marriage announcements, ads and more. See the links at the top of this page to go to the Index of Names, to search this site or to take a look at the Site Map. 

Note: The Index of Names is always your best bet for finding a specific name!

Each of these was scanned from an original issue of an old newspaper in my personal collection. They appear in the order in which they were added to this website. Be sure to check for archived stories, since I move them from this page to the Archives periodically.

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Miss HUNTOON Loses Voice, 1871

TILLINGHAST - SULLIVAN Marriage at Madison, 1863    ATTERBURY

FRIBLEY Plans Mint Still, 1920

Indiana Club Announced, 1909    ADAMS

Maggie FITZGIBBON of Edinburgh a Candidate for State Librarian, 1874

Enjoy Your Cigar with O. T. WELLS, Indianapolis, 18974

Valentine LAWRENCE Death, Fort Wayne, 1909

Arrivals at the Sherman Hotel, Indianapolis, November 3, 1874

Arrivals at the Mason House, Indianapolis, 1874    Now indexed!   Surnames include the following:   WILBERS, HUDSON, WILLIAMS, MUTZ, KENNEDY, BRUNER, CHAPMAN, GRISWOLD, VESTAL, LEWIS, LEE, SLOCUM, HALL

GARDNER Death at Aurora, 1867

William BROWN Gets a Day Job, Indianapolis, 1874


Civil Circuit Court News, Indianapolis, 1874    HOWLAND, DUNCAN, BOBBS, DEITICHS   

John TURPIN Posts Bond, Wayne County, 1874

Fire at CUNNINGHAM Boarding House, 1874

Guests at the Spencer House, Indianapolis, November 1874

"Mess No. 1" of the 11th Indiana Holds Annual Reunion, Indianapolis, 1874    WALLACE, LEIGHTLY, WENTZ, ELSTON, CUSTER

CLUCKNER Divorce Suit Dismissed, Indianapolis, 1874    PERKINS

"Marital Pleasantries," Indianapolis, 1874    VANDEMAN        We  think she really means it, John. (And you won't see divorces reported quite like this anymore. )

Trust Sale of Valuable Lands in Lake Region, 1848  STEENBERGEN, ROSE, CONRAD, MARSHALL, ALLEN

Methodist Minister David PLUMB and Family Perish Arsonist's Flames,  Martin Co., 1890

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