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The Nevada Tombstone Record Book icon

Nevada State Cemeteries icon

Nevada's Golden Stars: A Memorial Volume Designed as a Gift from the State of Nevada to the Relatives of those Nevada Heroes who died in the World War

Tales the Western Tombstones Tell [Historic Graves of the Old West; Second in a New Series] [Washington; Oregon; California; Idaho; Montana; Wyoming; Utah; Colorado; Dakota; Nevada; New Mexico; Arizona] icon

Genealogical Prospecting in Nevada: A Guide to Nevada Directories icon

Nevada Guide to Genealogical Records icon

Nevada 1860 Mortality Schedule icon

Devils Will Reign: How Nevada Began icon

Nevada Biographical and Genealogical Sketch Index icon

Romancing Nevada's Past: Ghost Towns and Historic Sites of Eureka, Lander, and White Pine Counties icon

Silver Theatre: Amusements of Nevada's Mining Frontier, 1850-1864

The University of Nevada: A Centennial History

Pine Grove Burlesque, Esmeralda Sun, Pine Grove & Rockland Star, Pine Grove Chronicles, Pick & Shovel, Pine Grove Observer

Railroads of Nevada and Eastern California Vol. 1: The Northern Roads

The Silver Short Line: a History of the Virginia and Truckee Railroad

Browse back issues of the Nevada Historical Society Quarterly icon

Nevada Official Centennial Magazine, 1864-1964

Ten Years in Nevada; Or, Life on the Pacific Coast icon

Biennial Report of the Nevada Historical Society... icon

Recollections of a Handcart Pioneer of 1860: With Some Account of Frontier Life in Utah and Nevada
by Mary Ann  HAFEN

From '49 to '83 in California and Nevada; Chapters from the Life of George Thomas MARYE, a Pioneer of '49 icon

Condemned to the Mines: The Life of Eugene O'CONNELL, 1815-1891, Pioneer Bishop of Northern California and Nevada icon

A Journal of 100 Years: Catholic Life in Yerington and Smith Valley, Nevada

History of Nevada icon

Lady in Boomtown; Miners and Manners on the Nevada Frontier

200 Years in Nevada: A Story of People Who Opened, Explored and Developed the Land, a Bicentennial History icon

Prime Sources of California and Nevada Local History: 151 Rare and Important City, County and State Directories, 1850-1906

Temples of Justice: County Courthouses of Nevada

Native Americans of California and Nevada

Fifty Miles from Home: Riding the Long Circle on a Nevada Family Ranch

Death Valley to Yosemite: Frontier Mining Camps & Ghost Towns - The Men, The Women, Their Mines and Stories

Carson Valley: Historical Sketches of Nevada's First Settlement

Churchill County in Focus icon

MAGEE Station and the Churchill Chronicles icon

Historic Mining Camps of Nevada: No. 5 (the Story of Fairview; Churchill County, Nevada) icon

Historic Mining Camps of Nevada: No. 6 (the Story of Wonder; Churchill County, Nevada) icon

Las Vegas: As It Began, As It Grew icon

The WOODS Family of Clover Valley, Nevada 1869-1979 icon

Boulder City Cemetery, Boulder City, Clark Co., Nevada, 1942 to June 2000

100 Years on the Muddy icon
Clark County

Sold! Bibliography of the Histories of Nye and Clark Counties, Nevada icon

The Pine Nut Chronicle: the History and Adventures of Mining in Douglas County, Nevada icon

Tahoe Heritage: The BLISS Family of Glenbrook, Nevada
Douglas County

Sold! The MOTTs of Mottsville
Douglas County

The Saga of Lake Tahoe: a Complete Documentation of Lake Tahoe's Development Over the Last One Hundred Years icon
(1957) Douglas County

Nevada's Northeast Frontier icon

Leslie MOREN: Fifty Years an Elko County Doctor icon

Aged in Sage icon
Elko County

A Reconnaissance of Some Mining Camps in Elko, Lander, and Eureka Counties, Nevada

Connecting the West: Historic Railroad Stops and Stage Stations in Elko County

Old Heart of Nevada: Ghost Towns and Mining Camps of Elko County icon

A Sagebrush Saga

Hot Iron: The History of Elko County

The Story of Goldfield. Esmeralda County, Nevada icon

Eureka Memories: a Series of Interviews With Fourteen Individuals and Families in Eureka, Nevada

Eureka and Its Resources; A Complete History of Eureka County, Nevada

Self-Guiding Tour of Eureka, Nevada; A Step Back in History

Humboldt County, 1905

The Story of Inyo. Revised Edition

Lander County, Nevada: Including its History, the Stokes Castle, the Reese River, the Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest, and More icon

Lander County Line: Folklife in Central Nevada

The Town That Died Laughing, The Story of Austin, Nevada, Rambunctious Early-day Mining Camp, and of Its Renowned Newspaper
Lander County

Here Is Our Valley
Grass Valley, Lander County

Treasure in the Hills: Families of Pioche, Nevada & Nearby Mines, Ranches & Valleys
Lincoln County

Lincoln County: Land of Many Frontiers icon

Lincoln County, Nevada: 1864-1909. History of a Mining Region icon

Sold! Place Names of Lyon County, Nevada

Lyon County: Where It Is, and What It Contains icon

Southern Lyon County 1893 icon

A Record of the News: Pine Grove Lyceum, Pine Grove Burlesque, Esmeralda Sun, Pine Grove & Rockland Star, Pine Grove Chronicles, Pick & Shovel, Pine Grove Observer

Yerington, Nevada: Cattle Kingdom in the Copper Hills

The Story of Rawhide, Mineral County, Nevada icon

Visitors' Guide to Historic Places in Nye County, Nevada

Beatty: Frontier Oasis icon
Nye County

Preserving the Glory Days: Ghost Towns and Mining Camps of Nye County, Nevada

A History of Amargosa Valley, Nevada icon
Nye County

Rhyolite: Death Valley's Ghost City of Golden Dreams icon
Nye County

History of Pahrump, Nevada
Nye County

Life at the Pebble Quarry, Nye County, Nevada, 1916-1919 icon

A History of Tonopah, Nevada
Nye County

Tonopah: the Greatest, the Richest, & the Best Mining Camp in the World icon

Sold! Bibliography of the Histories of Nye and Clark Counties, Nevada icon

Legends of Nye County icon

The Nye County Brothel Wars: A Tale of the New West. icon

Development of Lovelock and the Creation of Pershing County, Part II: 1917 Onward (Humboldt Historian 1997) icon

Historic Mining Camps of Nevada: No. 3 (the Story of Seven Troughs; Pershing County, Nevada) icon

First Centennial Edition of the History of the Placer Nevada County Medical Society 1889-1989 icon

Old Heart of Nevada: Ghost Towns and Mining Camps of Elko County icon

Red Shirts and Leather Helmets: Volunteer Fire Fighting on the Comstock Lode icon

On Streets of Silver: Reminders of the Comstock Era That Can Still Be Seen Today Including a Brief History of Virginia City icon

1888 Ordinances of the City of Virginia and of the Town of Gold Hill, Storey County, Nevada

The Saga of the Comstock Lode: Boom Days in Virginia City

Vigilante Days at Virginia City: Personal Narratives of Col. Henry E. DOSCH, Member of Fremont's Body Guard and One Time Pony Express Rider icon

Comstock Commotion: The Story of The Territorial Enterprise and Virginia City News

The Richest Place on Earth: The Story of Virginia City, and the Heyday of the Comstock Lode icon

Comstock Place Names: The Names of Storey County, Nevada

Silver Hillside: The Life and Times of Virginia City icon

History of the Big Bonanza icon

In the Last of the Wild West icon
A modern-day move to historic Virginia City, NV.

The Great Comstock Lode Digest: From 1859 to 1937

A History of the Comstock Silver Lode & Mines...

The Saga of the Comstock Lode: Boom Days in Virginia City icon

The Virginia City Cook Book: Authentic Recipes of the Old West

The Redlight Ladies of Virginia City, Nevada icon

Rosa May: The Search for a Mining Camp Legend

The Life and Death of Julia C. BULETTE, "Queen of the Red Lights" - Virginia City, Nevada

The Family History of Maxwell HAFEN & Emma Estella BOWLER of Mesquite, Nevada

A Kid on the Comstock: Reminiscences of a Virginia City Childhood

Comstock Place Names: The Names of Storey County, Nevada

An Editor on the Comstock Lode
Gold Hill, Storey County

Nevada's Heartland: Washoe County and Its Neighbors icon

Polk's Reno Nevada City Directory 1937, Including Washoe County and Carson City icon

Martin's Luck: Stories From My Years With the Washoe County Sheriff's Office icon

Ponderosa Country: A Scenic and Historic Guide to Reno and Vicinity

Pioneers of the Ponderosa: How Washoe Valley Rescued the Comstock icon
Washoe County

Reno-Hub of the Washoe County, an Illustrated History icon

Assessment List Washoe County Nevada 1966-1967 icon

Nevada: a Compilation of Newspaper Advertisements Covering the History of Nevada Harold's Club of Reno 1948 icon

The Saga of Lake Tahoe. a Complete Documentation of Lake Tahoe's Development Over the Last One Hundred Years icon

White Pine Lang Syne: A True History of White Pine County, Nevada icon

Nevada Northern Railway and the Copper Camps of White Pine County, Nevada

Nevada's Turbulent Yesterday...a Study in Ghost Towns icon

Ely Daily Times: White Pine County: A Pictorial History

Copper Times: an Animated Chronicle of White Pine County, Nevada

Nevada Printing History: A Bibliography of Imprints & Publications, 1858-1880 icon

The Newspapers of Nevada: A History and Bibliography, 1854-1979 icon

Nevada Newspaper Days: A History of Journalism in the Silver State icon

Nevada Historical Marker Guidebook icon

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