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Vintage Embossed Postcard:

"Nought but Happy Hours"

Postmarked May 4, 1911, from Ro.. [Probably Rockport]..., Indiana

This postcard was sent by "Fred" to Philip KEHRER, c/o the Merchant's & Planter's Bank of Tulsa, Oklahoma, and addresses him as "Dear Brother."

This is a very pretty card with a silver metallic finish. Garlands of flowers surround a grandfather clock. It doesn't seem to be related to any specific holiday.  Note the misspelling of "nought," which is properly spelled "naught!" No publisher's name appears on the card, so we cannot point any fingers.

Click here to see Fred's message to Philip KEHRER.

This vintage postcard is one of a group of postcards, photos & keepsakes that I purchased which are from Rockport, Indiana and Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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