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I know these pages are slow to load, and I know that you're short on time. 

This is a great way to stay on top of the latest additions to TheOldenTimes.com without trying to check the website every day...which can be tough when your connection is slow (and whose isn't?).  The newsletter is published every two weeks, more or less - whenever I can squeeze in the time! 

I don't share subscribers' email addresses with anyone, not ever. Period, with no if's, and's or but's. No newsletter service handles this newsletter. As a result, it isn't slick, but you won't get hit with an inbox full of spam by subscribing to my newsletter!


  • Index of locations for all place names add since the last newsletter edition... with links directly to those stories

  • List of every name added to the site since the last newsletter edition... with links directly to those stories

  • Special Interest Alerts: I'll be sure to note when I've posted an old newspaper story that  mentions immigrants, Native Americans, slaves or freedmen, lynchings or other murders, war news, veterans, ships' names, accidents, disasters and more. 

  • List of additions to our Special Sections, such as the Victorian Scrapbook, the Family Album, Special Contributors, Recipes, or the Antique Postcard Collection.

  • A list of the highlights from the oldest news on the web! Guaranteed to not be hot off the presses!

  • Connections This is your section! Have you found an ancestor mentioned in The Olden Times? C'mon! Tell us about it!  Can you add some genealogical or historical details to one of the old news stories? This is the place to share it. 

  • Favorites - I have a list of stories that are my personal favorite, whether they're especially illustrative of the value of newspapers as a research tool,  or they're notable in some other way.... or maybe I just thought they were funny!

  • And all the other good stuff I can think of! 

Heck, I might even give away tee shirts! You wouldn't want to miss that, would you?

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I screen all my incoming and outgoing email for viruses and check for updated virus definitions several times a week, and have not sent out any viruses. However, because of the forgeries, I will be sending all my newsletters out in text format and not html.  You'll simply copy and paste the url for the newsletter into your browser instead of clicking on an email link.

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The newsletter is sent to the email address you use to send me the subscription request. 

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