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UPDATE: This section will now include any and all maritime references, whether the item is a ship's passenger list, news of a shipwreck on the Atlantic or Pacific, or news from one of America's riverboats.

This special section of TheOldenTimes.com features old newspaper articles about life on the America's great rivers. Originally, I included only the Mississippi River system, but since transportation by water was important throughout the country, I'm adding any and all steamboat & river life references here.

America's rivers have long been an important commercial shipping route, but they were once also an important way for folks to get around. Travel by water was often faster and safer than travel by land.  Otherwise, it was a horse and "iffy" roads, at best.

Departures and arrivals, occasional passenger news, shipping company news, cargos, river levels and weather all interested the folks whose livelihoods depended on the river, as well as travelers. Most of the Memphis newspapers carried a daily River News section, and I suspect that most river town newspapers up and down the Mississippi did the same. Since I have more Memphis papers than papers from those other towns, that's what you'll see the most of.... for now!

As always, every personal name will be in the Index of Names.

Note: The Index of Names is always your best bet for finding a specific name!

Each of these was scanned from an original issue of an old newspaper in my personal collection. They appear in the order in which they were added to this website.

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Explosion of the Oriole, 1876     Now  indexed!

Indian No. 2: "The Low Water Packet" on the Trinity River, TX, 1866    GRACE, GRISCOM, STACKPOLE, SPOONER, BOLLING, WRIGLEY

Job CORSON Announces Schedule Change for Steamer Thomas Collyer, D. C., 1850

LARKIN Drowning, 1846

Survivors of the George Wolfe Explosion Arrive in Memphis on Board the Julia, 1873     CARTER, WIDEN

The Amazing Capt. BOYTON and his Swim from Pittsburg to New Orleans, 1879

Outcry Over Possible Change of Inspectors on Upper Ohio River,1877   DEVINNEY, FERRENBACH

Steamer Natchez on her Last Trip, Replaced by Yazoo Valley, 1877   SMITH, BECK

Capt. FLANDERS Opens New Office, Constantine, OR, 1871

Steamer Eclipse Bound for Mississippi  Towns, Capt. BROADWELL, 1856

Pilot Charlie PURSELL Returns to Memphis on the Golden Crown, 1881

Packet James Laughlin Departs Memphis for Napoleon, Capt. BRINKLEY, 1855

New Orleans Inquests: Unknown Black Man Drowned; Teamster Dead of Dysentery, 1847 SUTHERLAND

Steamers Laurel Hill and C. D. , Jr.: U. S. Mail Packets, Bayou Sara & Coastal, LA, 1856 COTTON, BURRIDGE, GORDON, BRAUD, LANDRY, HALL, KEMP

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