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12th Tennessee Cavalry, Co. B

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The 12th Tennessee (Green's) Cavalry was organized February 14, 1863, in occupied West Tennessee. It was also known as the 1st Regiment Tennessee Partisan Rangers and as the 12th Regiment Tennessee partisan Rangers. The company was transferred illegally in August, 1863 to serve as Co. A, 16th (Logwood's) Tennessee Cavalry  until December 1863, when it was ordered back to the 12th Regiment by command of General FORREST. It subsequently became Co. I, 3rd Tennessee (Forrest's) Cavalry .

William D. MUNROE enrolled for duty on  October 18, 1862, when the unit was still called the "Partisan Rangers."  He was captured at Hickory Wythe (in Fayette Co., TN) on June 5, 1863, and was sent as a prisoner of war to the Federal prison at Alton, Illinois.

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13th Tennessee Infantry, Co. E

"The Dixie Rifles"

Part of the Valiant  

Army of Tennessee

These men were members of "The Dixie Rifles," a unit that was formed mostly of men from Moscow, Fayette Co., TN. Sam Houston ALLEN and Gustavus Watts ALLEN were brothers. You will find more information about this family when I add the family group sheets for the Fayette County ALLENs.






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