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These selected links to military history resources on the Web can help you add critical historical context to your family's story. 

The Ravens

The British Royal Navy  Learn all about "rum rations," daily routines, uniforms over the years, length of engagements for volunteers and much more at this page, which is part of Paul Benyon's wonderful U. K. site. Enjoy, matey!

Timeless Voices of Aviation

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[New York]: Index of Awards on Claims of the Soldiers of the War of 1812

Revolutionary War Bounty Land Grants

Revolutionary War Pension Records

Massachusetts Civil War Soldiers & Sailors, 1861-1865 Military Records CD

The Historical Atlas of the American Revolution

Maryland and Delaware Revolutionary Patriots, 1775-1783 Military Records CD

Index to Stryker's Register of New Jersey in the Revolution

Connecticut Military Records: Soldiers and Officers CD

Massachusetts Revolutionary War Soldiers & Sailors, 1775-1782 CD

New York in the Colonial Wars, the Revolution, and the War of 1812 CD

General Military History Resources
The American Revolution
The War of 1812
The Mexican War
Great Britain in India: The Trouble with Colonies
The American Civil War
Spanish-American War & Philippine Insurrection
Latin-American Troubles
The Korean War



General Military History Resources

Library of Congress Online Exhibition:

United States Medal of Honor Citations
Full text listing. Let's count our blessings, America, to have had these fine people serve our country.

U. S. Naval  Historical Center

Combined Arms Research Library Fort Leavenworth, Kansas

Lectures from the School for Infantry & Cavalry, 1904-1910

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The American Revolution

The Battle of Green Spring, Virginia 225th Anniversary

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The War of 1812

The War of 1812 Website

Ancestry Database: New York Military Equipment Claims, War of 1812

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The Mexican War

The U. S. - Mexican War - From the Descendants of Mexican War Veterans


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The American Civil War

War Watchers at Bull Run from Civil War Times Magazine

Texas Confederate Pension Search

Ancestry Databases:

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The Spanish American War and the Philippine Insurrection

Remember the Maine

Archival Collections Online at the Combined Arms Research Library

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World War One

WWI Draft Registrations at RootsWeb

Trenches on the Web - Excellent!

Canadian Soldiers' WWI Diaries Online

Search the Military Rosters Database at RootsWeb.

Genesis of the AEF from The Quarterly Journal of Military History

U.S. World War I Mothers' Pilgrimage, 1930  Searchable database from

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World War Two The Pioneer Mustangs

My Pioneer Mustang Page: My late father's unit, the 354th Fighter Group

American Battle Monuments Commission Online Database

NARA Exhibit: A People at War

The Pioneer Mustangs
The First Fighter Group to get the North American P-51B Mustang Fighter Plane. Gene Lamar dedicates  this wonderful site to his father, Lt. Robert M. Lamar, and to family friend Col. Kenneth E. Gorman, both members of the Pioneer Mustangs.
An absolute must-see for those interested in the354th Fighter Group!

Pioneer Press: the 354th Fighter Group My Dad's group
Pictures, history, mission chronology & more. Highly recommended!

American Coast Artillery Unit Histories of WWI

Archival Collections Online at the Combined Arms Research Library

Rangers Take the Pointe U.S. Army General Omar Bradley described the attack on the German gun battery at Pointe-du-Hoc on D-Day as the most difficult mission he had ever given any soldiers in his command. Despite the tremendous odds against them, the U.S. Rangers managed to accomplish that mission. From World War II Magazine.

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The Korean War

American Battle Monuments Commission Online Database Article from

From NARA: Electronic Records of Korean and Vietnam Conflict Casualties

The Korean War Project

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Troubles in Latin America

The Border Revolution

Postcards from the Mexican Revolution

The First Aero Squadron in Pursuit of Pancho Villa

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Great Britain in India

The British Light Infantry Details the history of the various Light Infantry Regiments.

Regimental Histories of British Units Serving in India

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