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Thanks to the continued generosity of Jack Novicki, I have the following information for those of you who may have saved items of military history. These are taken from Jack's letters to Missing Links.

If you are a veteran, or a descendant of a deceased veteran, please remember that there is a place for that special memorabilia, for your recorded memories, and for your personal piece of the history that you helped to make.

Please consider recording your memories on tape, or writing them down, and sharing a copy of them with your family and with one of the institutions below.

And thank you for being there for your country!

"I know that the U.S. Army Military Institute collects military items, photographs, documents, and personal diaries of servicemen. It is a source for military research and every item of a historical nature can, at some time in the future, help a historian in his work. If some of your readers cannot contact a relative they might want to donate an item or a copy to the institute. You can be sure that the item will not be lost or discarded. They will catalogue and preserve it. The address is: U.S. Army Military Institute ATTN: Nancy L. Gilbert, Assistant Dir. for Library Services (Acquisitions) 22 Ashburn Drive, Carlisle Barracks Carlisle, PA 17013-5008 Jack and Peg Novicki"

"As a result of my letter to the editor that appeared in MISSING LINKS, Vol. 6, No. 13, (you can read this issue here) I have received many e-mails relating to military donations, not only to the Army Institute but also to the Navy and Air Force. The following addresses and URLs should lead readers to the information they are looking for."

U.S. Army Military History Institute

ATTN: Nancy L. Gilbert, Assistant Dir.
For Library Services (Acquisitions)
22 Ashburn Drive, Carlisle Barracks
Carlisle, PA 17013-5008

Part of Mission Statement: MHI accepts donations of paper, letters, scrapbooks, diaries, photographs and other materials representing military service from all eras. All donated items, are cataloged, inventoried, stored, cross-referenced and preserved as an important contribution to our nationís military heritage.

This is a very informative site.



Washington Navy Yard
805 Kidder Breese SE
Washington, D.C. 20374-5060

Naval Historical Center


Marine Corps Historical Center
1254 Charles Morris Street SE
Washington Navy Yard, DC 20374-5040

Marine Corps Historical Center

Head / Chief Historian (HDH-1) - (202) 433 3839

History Writing Unit (HDH-1-1) - (202) 433-4244

Oral History Unit (HDH-1-2) ----- (202) 433-4222

Reference Section (HDH-2) ----- (202) 433-3483

Archives Section (HDH-3) ------- (202) 433-3439


U.S. Air Force Museum

A superbly rich site with broad historical content and photographs. Site navigation is straight forward with many intra site links. Located at Wright-Patterson AFB in Dayton, Ohio.

U.S. Air Force Museum



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