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  Maryland Genealogy CD's

Port Tobacco Times & Charles County Advertiser: Vol. I-VI CD

Our Maryland Heritage Series, Volumes 1-10 CD

Maryland Genealogies & Marriages CD

Maryland Settlers and Soldiers, 1700s-1800s CD

History and Roster of Maryland Volunteers, War of 1861-5 CD

Record of Interments at the Friends Burial Ground, Baltimore, Maryland CD

Genealogy and Biography of Leading Families of the City of Baltimore and Baltimore County, Maryland CD

History of Cecil County, Maryland CD



Maryland Genealogy & History Books: General Interest:

Browse through back issues of The Maryland and Delaware Genealogist. icon

Marylanders to Carolina: Migration of Marylanders to North Carolina and South Carolina Prior to 1800

More Marylanders to Carolina: Migration of Marylanders to North Carolina and South Carolina Prior to 1800

Early Families of Southern Maryland icon

The Maryland Gazette, 1727 - 1761, Genealogical and Historical Abstracts

Marriages and Deaths from Baltimore Newspapers: 1796-1816

Czech Immigration Passenger Lists: Vol. IX: Baltimore, 1880-1899

The Early Settlers of Maryland: An Index to Names of Immigrants Compiled From Records of Land Patents, 1633-1680, in the Hall of Records, Annapolis, Maryland

A Huguenot Exile in Virginia: or Voyages of a Frenchman Exiled for his Religion with a Description of Virginia and Maryland

Joseph NICHOLS and the Nicholites: A Look at the "New Quakers" of Maryland, Delaware, North and South Carolina

Abstracts from the Port Tobacco Times and Charles County Advertiser icon

The Swampoodle Book: A Walk Back Through History - Lower Marlboro, Then and Now icon

Captains and Mariners of Early Maryland

Men of Marque: A History of Private Armed Vessels out of Baltimore During the War of 1812

Along the Potomac River: Extracts From the Maryland Gazette, 1728-1799

Slavery and Freedom on the Middle Ground: Maryland During the Nineteenth Century icon

The Free Negro in Maryland, 1634-1860 icon

Runaway Slave Advertisements, Volume 2: A Documentary History from the 1730s to 1790: Maryland icon

White Servitude in Maryland, 1634-1820 icon

The Price of Freedom: Slavery and Freedom in Baltimore and Early National Maryland icon

Maryland Marriages, 1634-1777 icon

Marriages and Deaths from the Maryland Gazette, 1727-1839

The Flowering of the Maryland Palatinate: An Intimate and Objective History of the Province of Maryland to the Overthrow of Proprietary Rule in 1654, with Accounts of Lord Baltimore's Settlement at Avalon icon

Maryland Marriage Clues icon

Maryland Eastern Shore Vital Records

Maryland Eastern Shore Newspaper Abstracts

Marylanders to Kentucky icon

More Marylanders to Kentucky, 1778-1828 icon

Maryland Naturalization Abstracts icon

Maryland Records: Colonial, Revolutionary, County and Church from Original Sources icon

Counties of Northern Maryland icon

Pungoteague to Petersburg, Vol. I: Eastern Shore Militiamen Before the Civil War, 1776-1858 icon

Colonial Maryland Naturalizations icon

To Maryland from Overseas: A Complete Digest of the Jacobite Loyalists Sold Into White Slavery in Maryland and the British and Continental Background of Approximately 1400 Maryland Settlers from 1634 to the Early Federal Period with Source Documentation icon

A Gazetteer of Maryland & Delaware

The British Invasion of Maryland, 1812-1815 icon

Genealogical Research in Maryland: A Guide icon

The Proprietorship of Maryland: A Documented Account

Calvert Papers Calendar and Guide to the Microfilm Edition

British Roots of Maryland Families icon

Memoirs of the Dead. Baltimore, 1806. Epitaphs From Maryland Cemeteries, and Account of Funeral Parade for Washington icon

Selected Final Pension Payment Vouchers, 1818-1864 icon

Heraldic Marylandiana: a Compilation of Maryland Armorial Families Which Used Coats of arms in the Colonial and Early Post-Revolutionary Periods, Proved by Original Documents and Other Authentic Sources

Historic Graves of Maryland and the District of Columbia: With the Inscriptions Appearing on the Tombstones in Most of the Counties of the State and in Washington and Georgetown icon

Settlers of Maryland, 1679-1783 icon

Settlers of Maryland, 1701-1730 icon

Settlers of Maryland, 1731-1750 icon

Settlers of Maryland, 1766-1783 icon

Marriages and Deaths From Eastern Shore Newspapers 1790-1835 icon

A New and Comprehensive Gazetteer of Virginia and the District of Columbia icon

The Chesapeake Book of the Dead: Tombstones, Epitaphs, Histories, Reflections, and Oddments of the Region icon
"There is a romantic, nostalgic, pleasantly melancholy feeling to old cemeteries that is hard to define but easy to experience. Perhaps it is because we can feel the direct link to our past that no history book, no movie, no historical fantasy can ever convey. These stones and these unkempt grounds are the hard evidence of lives that came before us. Once, these people lived and breathed, loved, worked, fought, hoped and despaired, and experienced their triumphs and failures just as we do today. And, although we seldom care to acknowledge it, we will inevitably go where they have gone."—from the Preface
"For the many people who enjoy walking through old cemeteries, exploring forgotten and overgrown graveyards, and reading the names, dates, and epitaphs of the dead, the Chesapeake Bay region offers a rich assortment of final resting places, many dating back to the early 1600s. From Williamsburg to Havre de Grace, it is not uncommon to see a number of the living wandering among the markers of the dead. Some are genealogists and historians, others come in search of quietude and a tangible connection to the past. In The Chesapeake Book of the Dead, Helen Chappell and photographer Starke Jett survey this rich legacy, from the vast and imposing Arlington National Cemetery to lone graves so modest as to have been lost almost as soon as they were dug. Chappell and Jett visit graveyards of the famous and the obscure, wander through cemeteries dotted with both elaborate funerary and simple, weather-beaten headstones, and discover epitaphs that range from the literary to the amusing to the poignant. As old grave sites disappear under developers' bulldozers, through neglect, and at the hands of unscrupulous headstone collectors, this remarkable book offers a unique and elegiac look at our past and its tales of love and tragedy. Among the cemeteries explored are Southeast Washington's Congressional Cemetery (posthumous home to composer John Philip Sousa, FBI head J. Edgar Hoover, pioneering feminist and muckraking journalist Anne Royall, and Choctaw chief and notable military tactician Pushmataha); Baltimore's Green Mount Cemetery (built in the 1830s as Baltimore's first sylvan graveyard); and Westminster Burying Ground in downtown Baltimore. At Westminster lies the grave of Edgar Allan Poe, which a mysterious figure visits each year on Poe's birthday to leave roses and a bottle of brandy. The book also describes the final resting places for such celebrities as Dorothy Parker (Chappell located her ashes at the NAACP headquarters in Baltimore), F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald (buried in Rockville at Scott's wish, because, he insisted, "I belong here," in Maryland, "where everything is civilized and gay and rotted and polite"), and cosmopolitan actress Tallulah Bankhead (interred in a plot her sister provided near Chestertown). Included throughout this fascinating book are essays on mourning fashion and deathbed performances, graveyard ghost stories, discussions of efforts to save historic cemeteries, and notes from the diary of a nineteenth-century doctor who today is buried in Rising Sun Cemetery alongside many of his patients. Chappell's lively prose, accompanied by Jett's haunting black-and-white photographs, will delight all those drawn to the seclusion, peacefulness, and melancholy of old graveyards."

A History of the Southern Maryland Society [1914-1964] icon

A History of the Southern Maryland Society, 1965---1989, Volume II icon

Western Maryland Newspaper Abstracts icon

The History of Western Maryland, Being a History of Frederick, Montgomery, Carroll, Washington, Allegany and Garrett Counties icon

The Delaware Finns Or The First Permanent Settlements in Pennsylvania, Delaware, West New Jersey and Eastern Part of Maryland

Sold! Free African Americans of Maryland, 1832 Including Allegany, Anne Arundel, Calvert, Caroline, Cecil, Charles, Dorchester, Frederick, Queen Anne, and St. Mary's Counties icon

Free African Americans of Maryland and Delaware: From the Colonial Period to 1810 icon

Courts of Admiralty in Colonial America: The Maryland Experience, 1634-1776

Index to the 1820 Census of Maryland and Washington, D. C.

Pirates on the Chesapeake: Being a True History of Pirates, Picarons and Raiders on Chesapeake Bay, 1610-1807 icon

Shipwrecks on the Chesapeake: Maritime Disasters on Chesapeake Bay and Its Tributaries, 1608-1978 icon


Maryland Folks & Families

JONES, RICHARDSON, DUHAMEL and Allied Families of Maryland

Virginia Colonials and Their Maryland Relatives: a Genealogy of the TUCKER Family and Also the Families of ALLEN, BLACKISTONE, CHANDLER, FORD, GERARD, HUME, MONROE, SKAGGS, SMITH, STEVESSON, STONE, STURMAN, THOMPSON, WARD, YOWELL and Others icon

The BEITZEL Family: A History of the Descendants of John George BEITZEL, 1813-1893 who Settled in the Casselman Valley of Garrett County, Maryland; Related Families, BEACHY, BRENNEMAN, DIEFENBACH, KLOTZ, MAUST, OPEL, ORENDORF, RESH, SHOEMAKER, SNYDER... icon

Charles County Gentry: A Genealogical History of Six Emigrants - Thomas DENT, John DENT, Richard EDELEN, John HANSON, George NEWMAN, Humphrey WARREN... icon



Our Heritage: A Genealogical History of the ALLEN Family of Maryland icon

The George Ledlow and Ann Mariah (Singleton) ANDERSON Family of Harford Country, Maryland icon

Log and Will of Jeremiah BANNING (1733-1798) icon

Some Maryland BAXTERs and Their Descendants

A Partial View of the BEASMAN - BASEMAN Family of Maryland

Our Maryland Heritage, Book 35: BENSON Families icon

Our Maryland Heritage, Book 12: BROWNING Families icon

Norman, Andrew & Selkirk BRUCE of Maryland: Their Ancestors in Scotland and Their Descendants in America icon

William BUCKLAND 1734-1774: Architect of Virginia and Maryland icon

The BUCKMAN Family of Maryland, Kentucky, Missouri, U. S. A. icon

The BURCHINAL Genealogy: The Descendants of Thomas BURTCHNELL, ca. 1670-1709, of Cecil County, Maryland and His Children, Jeremiah BURCHINAL ("Jeremy") and Mary BURCHINAL, Kent County, Maryland icon

Princes of Ireland, Planters of Maryland: A CARROLL Saga, 1500-1782 icon

"Anywhere So Long as There Be Freedom:" Charles CARROLL of Carrollton, His Family and His Maryland

Dear Papa, Dear Charley: The Peregrinations of a Revolutionary Aristocrat, as Told by Charles CARROLL of Carrollton and His Father, Charles CARROLL of Annapolis: With Sundry Observations on Bastardy, Child-Rearing, Romance, Matrimony, Commerce, Tobacco... icon

Our Maryland Heritage: CASHELL & PLUMMER Families icon

Early Catonsville and the CATON Family icon


Wenlock CHRISTISON, and the Early Friends in Talbot County, Maryland: a Paper to Be Read Before the Maryland Historical Society, March 9th, 1874

The CLABAUGHs: An Account of the Life and Times of Frederick CLABAUGH of Maryland in 1742 and His Descendants Who Migrated to East Tennessee, Then on to Alabama and Texas icon

The CLARKs of Maryland and Allied Families icon

CORBIN - WAITE - COOPER of Baltimore County and City icon

The Descendants of Dr. Lewis DEROCHBRUNE of Queen Anne's County, Maryland

The DOANE Family: I. Deacon John DOANE, of Plymouth, II. Doctor John DONE of Maryland, and Their Descendants icon

The DORSEY Family: Descendants of Edward DARCY - DORSEY of Virginia & Maryland

Thomas DUKES, Jr., of Caroline County, Maryland: Some of His Descendants and Associated Families

Patrick DYER of Prince George County, Maryland

EARP Genealogy: Howard County, Maryland

The ELLICOTTs: Striving for a Holy Community icon

Joseph ENGLAND and His Descendants: An Historical Genealogy of the ENGLAND Family as Descending from Joseph ENGLAND, 1680-1748: A Quaker Family of Cecil County, Maryland (prior to 1767, Chester County, Pennsylvania) since 1723.. icon

Descendants of Thomas ESSEX and Elizabeth Bowen ESSEX of Maryland, Virginia and Illinois

Descendants of Joseph FRANCIS of Maryland and Virginia

Our Maryland Heritage, Book One: The FRY Families

A Chesapeake Family and Their Slaves...
Old Wye Church, Talbot County, Maryland, 1694-1949 icon

Our Maryland Heritage, Book 33: GRIFFITH Family icon

American GUTHRIE and Allied Families: Lineal Representations of the Colonial GUTHRIEs of Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, North and South Carolina, Some Post-Revolutionary Emigrants, and of Some Allied Families icon

Descendants of John HARRIS, Senior, Prince Georges, and Charles County, Maryland to Virginia, Kentucky, Missouri and Beyond

HAWLEY, HALLEY, HOLLEY and Families of Similar Surnames Found in the Early Records of England, Maryland and Virginia... icon

Snow Hill Remembered: A History of the HARRIS Family of Maryland, Ohio, and Kentucky icon

HAYDEN - RAPIER and Allied Families: Colonial Maryland, Kentucky, U.S.A. icon

Augustine HERRMAN: Beginner of the Virginia Tobacco Trade, Merchant of New Amsterdam, First Lord of Bohemia Manor in Maryland

Thomas HILL & Rebecca MILES: Ancestors & Descendants

Adam HITCH of Old Somerset in Ye Province of Maryland

Our Maryland Heritage, Book 24: The HOLLAND Families icon

Sold! Descendants of Humphrey and Margaret JACKSON (1562-1996): Derbyshire, England to St. Mary's County, Maryland icon

Greener Pastures: From Tidewater to Texas and Beyond: JONES of Maryland, MAGILL of Scotland, HALEY of Virginia, TOLIVER of North Carolina: Ancestors and Descendants of Arthur Harvin JONES (1856-1925) and Martha Frances MAGILL (1863-1943) icon

KELLENBERGERs & SHEARERs of Pennsylvania, Maryland & Points West

The KIMBLEs of Bucks County, Pennsylvania and Cecil County, Maryland

Our Maryland Heritage, Book 5: The KING Families icon

The Descendants of Michael KOLLER (CULLER) and Elizabeth SCHMID of Frederick County, Maryland

The LAKIN Family: Descendants of Abraham LAKIN and Martha Lee LAKIN of Prince George's County, Maryland

Jacob LEMMON of Maryland and Kentucky icon

LEWIS Patriarchs of Early Virginia and Maryland

The Big LONG Family in America, 1736-1979: A Host of Descendants of John LONG, 1728-1791, of Plantation Baker's Lookout, Washington County, Maryland icon

MADDOX: A Southern Maryland Family

The MASSEY Family of Worcester County, Maryland

Memoir and Genealogy of the Maryland and Pennsylvanian Family of MAYER: Which Originated in the Free Imperial City of Ulm, Wurttemberg: 1495-1878

Sold! The McKAIG Journal: a Confederate Family of Cumberland icon

Roots and Shoots of Our Maryland icon
MERTZ Family

Robert MIDDLETON (1651-1707) of Charles and Prince Georges Counties, Maryland and Numerous Descendants of ... icon

MISKIMMONS: The Descendants of David and Rachel MISKIMMINS of Washington County, Maryland icon

The Descendants of Jacob and Mary MOOMEY of Pennsylvania, Maryland, Ohio and Iowa

The NORRIS Family of Maryland

John OTT of Frederick County

Descendants of John PARKER (1740-1793) and his wife Sarah GORDY (1743-1825) of Delaware, Maryland, Virginia and Georgia icon

The Descendants of William PELL, Sr., of Kent County, Maryland icon

From Germany to Antietam: The Early History of the PFAFFENBERGER Family

PETTY, of England & Virginia; WRIGHT, of Virginia, Kentucky & Missouri; RILEY, of Maryland, Kentucky & Missouri; And Related ALEXANDER, COPELAND, DALE, DOUGLASS, GIVENS, HUBBARD, McCLUNG, OWENS, PATTON, PAXTON, ROWLAND & TEDFORD Families

Our Maryland Heritage: CASHELL & PLUMMER Families icon

The Maryland SEMMES and Kindred Families: A Genealogical History of Marmaduke SEMME(S), Gentleman, and His Descendants, Including the Allied Families of GREENE, SIMPSON, BOARMAN, MATTHEWS, THOMPSON, MIDDLETON, and NEALE

The SHIPLEYs of Maryland: A Genealogical Study icon

The SPALDING Family of Maryland, Kentucky and Georgia from 1658 to 1965

STEVENSON Family History; from the Eastern Shore of Maryland (Old Somerset, renamed Worcester County) to Woodford County, Kentucky, to Putnam County, Indiana, with Allied Families icon

Thomas STONESTREET of Birchden, Withyam, East Sussex, and of Charles County, Maryland, with his Posterity Down to the Sixth Generation...

Amos THOMAS Family Tree: Ancestors and Descendants to and from Wales, England, Island of Barbados West Indies, Talbot, Queen Anne's Counties, Maryland, Anson and Richmond Counties, N. C., Wayne and Orange Counties, Indiana, Grant and Miami Counties, Indiana

The Descendants of Thomas THOMAS and His Wife, Elizabeth, Daughter of James KNOTT: A History and Genealogy, 1617-1995, England, Virginia, Maryland, and Beyond icon

Our Maryland Heritage: The WALKER Families icon

The John WHEELER Family of Charles County, Maryland: A History and Genealogy of John WHEELER 1630-1693, Immigrant to Maryland, and Some of his Descendants

Account of the Meeting of the Descendants of Colonel Thomas WHITE of Maryland...

The Descendants of the Rev. Christopher WILKINSON of Queen Anne's County, Maryland icon

Basil WILLIAMS of South Wales, and Seneca Hundred, Montgomery County, Maryland by 1748, with Some Notes on his Distinguished Kinfolk in Pennsylvania, Virginia, Kentucky and Elsewhere


Maryland Patriots

We Live Among Heroes, A Commemorative of Wicomico County's World War Two Veterans

History and Roster of Maryland Volunteers, War of 1861-5 CD

Pungoteague to Petersburg, Vol. I: Eastern Shore Militiamen Before the Civil War, 1776-1858 icon

John Bull and the Baltimoreans

The Citizen Soldiers at North Point and Fort McHenry, September 12 & 13, 1814. Resolves of the Citizens in Town Meeting, Particulars Relating to the Battle, Official Correspondence and Honorable Discharge of the Troops. Also, Celebration of the Seventy-Fifth Anniversary, 1889

Revolutionary Patriots of Baltimore Town and Baltimore County, Maryland, 1775-1783

Revolutionary Patriots of Calvert and St. Mary's Counties, Maryland, 1775-1783

Events of the Civil War in Washington County, Maryland icon

Maryland Public Service Records: 1775-1783: A Compendium of Men and Women of Maryland Who Rendered Aid in Support of the American Cause Against Great Britain During the Revolutionary War

St. Michaels: The Town That Fooled the British; A Complete Account of the British Attacks on St. Michaels During the War of 1812 icon

Some Families of Revolutionary War Patriots from Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, South Carolina and Kentucky: DUNCAN, MILLER, COULTER, FLEMING, POMERO icon

Roster of Civil War Soldiers From Washington County, Maryland icon


Uniquely Maryland: Cookbooks, Vintage postcard Views, Maps, Documents & More

Maryland Kid's Cookbook: Recipes, How-To, History, Lore and More!
(Ages 4-8) "During school visits, Carole discovered that kids love to talk about food. So, she decided this was a great way to approach history, geography, multicultural studies, women, science & more - by teaching kids the culinary contributions of Maryland and the history and folklore behind them. Who created the first corn flake? What was the first pizza called? Who sold the first hot dog and how did it get that name? There are also fun recipes, food games, a table cloth project, a fortune cookie writing activity and recipe, plus lots more. A great way to introduce kids to the importance of following directions, weights and measurements, cooking and food safety, and encourage their creativeness. Free teacher's guide gives specific suggestions and instructions on how to get max educational value from this book."

Historic Pages From the Baltimore Sun, 1837-1983

The Sun Papers of Baltimore: 1837-1937

Harford County in Vintage Postcards icon

Receipts From Old Worcester icon

Original, Antique Handwritten Composition Book, Containing 53 Imaginative Essays and Stories, Written Between September, 1855 and November, 1857 icon
by Baltimore schoolboy Richard CUSHING

Having a Wonderful Time in Cecil County, Maryland: A Postcard Documentation of "The Highway of American History", vol. 1 icon

Greetings From Baltimore: Postcard Views of the City


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