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Family Histories
& Biographies
Here you'll find some short biographical notes, and in the future (hopefully - time permitting), more comprehensive family histories.

 My earliest known MAY ancestor is Charles MAY of Buckingham County, Virginia, who was married to Sarah HUNTER. His son Peter MAY married Nancy MEREDITH, and their son William Meredith MAY married Catherine JARRETT. Their daughter Lucy E. MAY was my great-great-grandmother. Two of her brothers were Powhatan and Marcellus, below.

William M. MAY, as his tombstone records, was born in Buckingham County, Virginia. He died at the age of 60 on August 14, 1845. He is buried in the Ebenezer Cemetery near Williston, Tennessee (Fayette County). Click here to see a transcript of his will.

Powhatan A. MAY

Marcellus A. MAY

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Sarah Hunter May Deed of gift of the slave Nathan to son Thomas MAY, 1789

Sarah Hunter May Deed of gift of the slave SUKY to MAY children, 1789

Charles MAY, Albemarle County, Virginia, 1783

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John Wesley MAY - Elizabeth HUNTER (Consent)

Robert PAGE and Sarah H. MAY, Virginia, 1839

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  Samuel Meredith MAY, 1877, Rome, Floyd County, Georgia

Lucy E. (May) DOWDY Obituary, 1891, Moscow, Fayette County, Tennessee (Mrs. William Preston DOWDY)

Thomas MAY Obituary, 1837, Buckingham County, Virginia Thomas MAY was the youngest brother of John Wesley MAY and the son of Charles MAY of Buckingham County, Virginia.

Mrs. Mary C. MAY, 1835, Buckingham County, Virginia. She was the wife of Thomas MAY (above).

Miss Mary MAY, 1839, Buckingham County, Virginia. She was the daughter of Mary C. and Thomas MAY (above).

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William Meredith MAY, Fayette County, Tennessee, 1845

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John Wesley MAY Revolutionary War Records

William Meredith MAY, War of 1812 Records

Powhatan Alexander MAY, CSA, Civil War Records

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MAYs in the News

This is where I'll add any MAYs from my MAY family who appear in old newspapers. For other MAYs, see the Stray MAY Alerts!

Robert P. MAY Murders George WINFREE at Buckingham Courthouse, 1857. Robert P. MAY was the son of Thomas MAY and grandson of Charles MAY of Buckingham County, Virginia.

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MAY Links
MAY Family Message Board at RootsWeb

MAY Family Message board at GenForum

Friends of the Samuel MAY House, Prestonsburg, Kentucky

From Abebooks: Two MAY Families of Hollow Square, Greene County, Alabama: Including Some MAY-WINDHAM-HARRISON-DARGAN Ancestors and Descendants

From Abebooks: Charles MAY and His Descendants, Who Settled at Mays Cross Roads in Old Edgefield County, South Carolina

From Abebooks: The TYSON and MAY Genealogy of Pitt County

From Alibris: The MAY Family of Kingston, Ohio; A Genealogy of Henry and Susannah McCutchen MAY and Their Descendants, with Sections on the McCUTCHEN and TAYLOR Families and Related Lines icon

From Abebooks: Genealogy of the MAYS Family and Related Families to 1929

From Alibris: Genealogy of the Descendants of John MAY Who Came From England to Roxbury in America 1640 icon

From Alibris: Papers on Peter MAY, Land Surveyor, 1749-1793 icon

From Alibris: Coming to Terms: A Study in Memory and History icon

From Abebooks: John MAY, Jr. of Virginia: His Descendants and Their Land: With an Account of Some Early Descendant Families, Including COCKE, COKE, JOPLIN, LOVE, PERCEFULL, PERRIN, TOMPKINS

Read about the MAY Surname DNA Project.

Robert Booker MAY Family Group Sheet

The MAY - CROWDER Collection - Family Correspondence on Beautiful Vintage Postcards

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Stray MAY Alerts!

A spot for MAYs who are unrelated to me (as far as I can tell thus far), but who are found in old newspaper articles.

Sir Stephen MAY appears in this list of Grand Jurors in County Antrim, Ireland, 1828

Lt. Col. MAY  and  Dr. MAY participate in Georgetown College Commencement, 1847

Coleman MAY Arrested for Murder of W. H. McDEARMON, JUREY in Penitentiary for Forgery, Virginia, 1845

J. D. MAY Convicted of Murdering MARTIN During Train Robbery, 1893

MAY Cousins from Tennessee, Mississippi and Texas Appear in the Whitewright, Texas Society News, 1914

British Naval Appointments: Daniel MAY will be Master of  the Forte, England, 1860

Mrs. C. S.  MAY to host Church Social, Muskogee, OK, 1920

James B. MAY Death at West Concord, NH or MA? 1881

C. E. MAYS, Jr. Promoted to 1st Lt., 1918

Misses Ethel and Beulah MAY of Tennessee Visit in Texas, 1914

Dr. Ruel MAY of Jackson, MS visits the BARNETT Family of Moss Point, MS, 1911

P. E. MAY appears on the list of arrivals at the Moultrie House in Charleston, South Carolina, in 1883.

The MAY Place for Sale, Memphis, TN, 1877

Charles MAY of Vermont Killed in Duel, 1830

Charlie MAY Exhibits Horses, TN, 1858

Henry MAY of Maryland Attends Grand Inaugural Ball, 1857 HUGE graphic - will be slow to load!

W. E. MAY of Texas Receives Postcard from Louisiana

William MAY serves on the U. S. S. Plymouth, 1846

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