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News from the Siege of Lucknow:
British Casualties

The Times

London, England

May 5, 1858

Due to the size of this article, I'm breaking it apart into several pages, and will be adding each section over  time, so check back now & then to see what's new.  

Headline & Introduction

Part 1: General Staff Officer Casualties

Part 2: Artillery Division Casualties

Part 3: Engineer Brigade Casualties

Part 4: Cavalry Division, Part 1

Part 5: Cavalry Division, Part 2

Part 6: 1st Infantry Division, 1st & 2nd Brigades

Part 7: 2nd Infantry Division, 3rd Brigade

Part 8: 2nd Infantry Division, 4th Brigade

Part 9: 3rd Infantry Division, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Part 10: 4th Infantry Division, Part 1, Part 2

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