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from TheOldenTimes.com Genealogy & History - Historic Newspapers Online - Always FREE!

OK, they're not specifically genealogy or history, but I  like 'em! You might, too. 

I love to read and I'm continually trying to learn new things. Other interests include antiques & collecting, online auctions, crafts, old houses (that's more of a love-hate thing, since I live in an old house), music, road trips, deer hunting, hiking, etc. The list seems to grow by the minute!

Naturally, like most everyone who's online these days, I use the internet to find out more about the latest computers and their related gadgets. That being said, the natural next step is an interest in troubleshooting just those computers and gadgets, since, as we all know, there's no such thing as a bug-free system. At least not when I get a hold of it!

I also appreciate good, solid parenting advice that actually makes sense, as opposed to what might be popular, but seems completely asinine and counterproductive. 

As a physician, I'm disturbed by the outright incompetence of the professional community when it comes to dealing with the problem of Autism, for which common wisdom has long dictated there is no good treatment. Tain't so. My Autism links will take you to information on a treatment which I consider to be the best possible approach to Autism and Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD). 

I'll be adding to this list of miscellany as I find sites that are especially helpful or useful, so drop by now and then to see what's new!

What's the Little Red House for?

Some of my personal bookmarks:

New! FYI
Antiques & Collectibles Beyond the antique relatives, that is...
Homeschooling (other education topics) I claim no expertise, but I know where to find good info!.
For Readers & Writers & Bibliophiles!
Worthy Causes
Tech Stuff
Family Life
Autism & PDD

This Damned House - Restoration & Renovation Links
Spare Cash Who doesn't need a little of that?


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New! FYI

Inflation Calculator



Antiques & Collectibles

Antiques Roadshow The popular PBS show that inspires us all to take a second look at that stuff in our attics!

Vintage Matchbook Art


Homeschooling & Other Education Topics: From Kindergarten to College and Beyond

New! iTunes U. Click. Sync. Learn. Download on iTunes. I love this wonderful service - it's free, and the variety of subjects is simply amazing. Check it out!

Who Killed Homer? The Demise of Classical Education and the Recovery of Greek Wisdom
This is a fascinating book to which I find my self returning again and again. Chances are, you did not study the ancient Greek language in high school. I didn't either. Maybe, like me, you had a year or so of Latin, which you may or may not have felt worthwhile at the time.

 Read this book and understand the vital role that the ancient Greeks still have a profound effect upon our lives in America, why we've forgotten about the wisdom they have to offer us today, and what we might do about it, whether we are Classicists or simply curious readers. If you have taken on the responsibility of educating your own children, you'll find your own appreciation of the "Classics" greatly enhanced, and you will be better able to help your kids appreciate the Ancients, too, and why we should try to more closely learn the lessons they have to offer us now.

In Defense of Memorization This is a great article, whether you home school or not!

A Hard Lesson on Home Schools

History Without history, Spelling without Spelling It's nothing less than is obscene to call this "education!" Even if you aren't homeschooling your kids, you might want to look carefully into what their school's curriculum includes. And what it doesn't include.

Textbooks Flunk the Test

The Academic Bill of Rights

Think those wacky colleges have started going over the brink a bit? You're not the only one. Steer your college student here for a real alternative point of view!

ABeka Academy
We use the ABeka program and we love it!

Generate math worksheets online, and print them out. This is a great site! After all, sooner or later, you do have to memorize the stuff. Many thanks to Scott Bryce for this very valuable resource for all parents of math students, homeschooling or not!

Education = Indoctrination?
This article makes a very, very good point. It's not an easy truth to face, because most of us think of ourselves as being tolerant of the religious faith of others, but it's still the truth. The worst part is that it applies to more institutions than just liberal arts colleges...


For Readers and Writers & Bibliophiles!

The Family Orchard
I just finished reading this delightful, beautiful novel that's woven from generations of family history. I recommend it highly!

Writer's Digest

The Word Doctor Online Writing, Editing and Graphic Design

The Writer's Resource

The Passionate Pen: for the Romance Writer



Weather it's hot or cold...

You might want to know what the weather's doing! Since our local cable company discontinued their local-weather-only channel, with its critical radar image of our area and only our area (drat them!), I've had to find another source to help me know when to batten down the hatches before a thunderstorm.  My favorite website for weather right now is NOAA. This link is to my own area's weather (Tarrant Co., TX), but you can navigate from there to your own area quite easily. I have a weather radio, but it's not the same as being able to check that radar visually

Now.... if I could just keep the computer on during a thunderstorm in order to track it!

NOAA's got a great page for current weather warnings, which is also invaluable, especially if you live in an area like mine which is known for its rather frisky weather during certain times of the year..


Tech Stuff

Tech Central Station: Where free markets meet technology.

Internet Traffic Report


The Internet Archive: Includes the Wayback Machine!

Orsinal: Great games! Be sure to play "Cranky Crabs!"



Smart Computing

Wired News



Worthy Causes

Women Against Gun Control

The Todd M. Beamer Foundation
Two words can sum this up... "Let's Roll!"


Amusements from the News

Daze of Our Lives: State-of-the-Art 19th-Century Humor

FlashBunny: I love this site!

ScrappleFace: News Fairly Unbalanced. We Report. You Decipher.

The Onion Satirical weekly newspaper.

Jim Romenesko's Obscure Store and Reading Room



Family Life

Focus on the Family

Center for Digital Storytelling

Online Crosswords for you puzzle fiends!




The Lovaas Institute for Early Intervention

Families for Early Autism Treatment



Living Within Your Means 

Awwww... what a party-pooper I am! 

Actually, I like reading and admiring their good advice better than I like incorporating it - I can then imagine that I'm headed in the right direction: The Dollar Stretcher

Ten Ways to Make Money Doing Genealogy Ooooh! Now we have some good excuses.... um, REASONS!

What the heck: make more of the green stuff! Learn more at WomensWallStreet.com.


Forget Frugality: Let's go Shopping!

OK, I'll 'fess up: I love to shop online! Clothing, books, music, software, my computer and all its attached goodies, my kids' curriculum, appliances, furniture, gifts... you name it!

In fact, back when we still had home grocery delivery here in Ft. Worth, I almost never had to go to the store! In spite of the delivery fees, I routinely saved money because I wasn't making the sort of unplanned purchases (hate to admit they're also called "impulse buys") that I would normally make at the grocery store. Not that I make many of them, but I guess it adds up.

Maybe that's why they quit providing the grocery delivery service! 

Wild Roses Antiques & Collectibles Neat-O! Learn more about 18th Century Art, History, Cooking and Clothing by visiting our research links.

Visit our sponsor if you've been longing for a green thumb@
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Love music?

The American Rag The online version of America's largest traditional jazz and ragtime newspaper. serves up over sixty pages of commentary, news, articles of interest and reviews as well as the people, places and festivals defining the excitement of today's Traditional Jazz and Ragtime scene.


How about a little extra cash for that research trip or new genealogy book? Or for those upcoming holidays?  

 The relative virtues of eBay and Half.com.....buy and sell used books, movies, music and games!

I was pleasantly surprised when I joined Half.com as a seller a few years ago to sell some of my used books. Instead of getting a quarter apiece at a garage sale, I got up to half of their current retail value! I cleared out a shelf or two to make room for new genealogy books that way, too. Pretty handy, huh? They make it soooooo easy, too. I wouldn't have the time for it otherwise.

All you have to do is register as a member (the same for buyers and sellers) and then list your gently-used books, music, videos, etc.  Half.com does the rest, including the collection of the payment. All you have to do is get the book in the mail to the buyer and then wait for your Half.com check!

To be very honest with you, I have found this to be a great place to sell books that are still reasonably new, and still in print. I got the best possible prices for certain technical specialty books - the ones I got from the book club because I couldn't remember to send the little card back saying "Don't Send" - and for several non-fiction titles. If you look to see how many other people have the same book for sale that you might want to sell, you'll get an idea as to what price you should set.

However, I've found that older or out-of-print books tend to be more likely to sell at auction via eBay. And that is great fun! At first I was a little intimidated, but after buying a few items and reading a lot around the web, I took the plunge and auctioned a few of my old genealogy books. Hooray! I had a blast, "met" some really nice people with similar research interests (after all they were bidding on my books), and recovered the original costs of the books... with a little left over to buy more books! Check out eBay!



Are America's Schools Getting a Bit too "Wacky?" Beyond Nutty Professors....

My Experience at Michigan State

Political Indoctrination at my Public High School

Lone Leftist Kills Oklahoma Patriotism Bill

Harvard vs. the ROTC




  When you see this Little Red House, you know that I either own the book or the music, or it's one of my very favorite links!