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You'll find notices regarding estates, probate, partnerships, divorces, guardianship, and many other clues along the paper trail of our ancestors! Many of these (especially the estate notices) will describe property at length, name other family members, or even mention neighbors' names in property descriptions!  

Legal notices appear in the order that they're added, with the newest items at the top of the list. 

RootsWeb Lesson #30: Court Records

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RUGGLES Estate,  1887

MANDEVILLE Estate, 1813

BARTLEY Estate,  1853

CRANE Establishment for Sale, Elihu CRANE Estate, Union County, NJ 1853

ADAMS Estate Notice, 1887

HUNTINGTON Estate, 1887

TUNE Estate, Richmond, Virginia, 1823

Trust Sale of Lot in Richmond, VA, 1823 CHAMBERLAYNE, HUDNAL, GREEN, LANCASTER

Granville County Legal Notice, NC, 1841 

WINFREE vs. ROYALL, TODD and DYSON, adm. of Richard EPES, Nottoway Co., VA, 1843

WICKHAM Trust Sale, VA, 1843

BLAIR Estate, PA, 1903

FRANSIOLI Estate Administrator's Notice, 1887

Stanislaus County, CA Summons Defendants, 1880

Lost Promissory Note, California, 1880  RHODES, THOMPSON

LUCAS Estate Notice, California, 1880  LUCAS, WHITBY

BOLTON Chancery, TN, 1877

BROOKS Estate, TN, 1877

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