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Important note: Some of the original editions and the one-of-a-kind books sell quickly, so if you want it, jump on it! You may never see one again!

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Kentucky CDs

Early Kentucky Settlers, 1700s-1800s CD

Kentucky, Volume I CD

Historic Families of Kentucky CD

Kentucky Land Records, 1774-1924 CD




Kentucky Genealogy & History Books: General Interest

Kentucky Genealogical Records & Abstracts

A Genealogical Collection of Kentucky Birth and Death Records icon

Kentucky Ancestry: A Guide to Genealogical and Historical Research icon

Kentucky Colonization in Texas: A History of the Peters Colony

Kentuckians in Ohio and Indiana icon

Kentucky Ante-Bellum Portraiture

Kentucky Marriage Records from the Register of the Kentucky Historical Society icon

Kentucky Marriages, 1797-1865 icon

Abstract of Early Kentucky Wills and Inventories 

The Scots-Irish in Pennsylvania & Kentucky icon

Kentucky Records: Early Wills and Marriages Copied from Court House Records by Regents, Historians and the State Historian Old Bible Records and Tombstone Inscriptions icon

Early Kentucky Tax Records

Kentucky Court of Appeals Deed Books icon

Early Families of Eastern and Southeastern Kentucky and Their Descendants

Pioneer Families of Eastern and Southeastern Kentucky

The Kentucky Gazette: Genealogical and Historical Abstracts

Kentucky Pioneers and Their Descendants

Kentucky Genealogical Sources icon

Early Kentucky Householders, 1787-1811 icon

Kentucky Frontiersmen Located in Census and County Records icon

Talley's Northeastern Kentucky Papers

1890 Special Veterans Census for Eastern Kentucky

The Big Sandy Valley: A Regional History Prior to the Year 1850

Descendants of Virginia, Kentucky and Missouri Pioneers

Polish Pioneers of Virginia and Kentucky; With Notes on Genealogy of the SADOWSKI Family

Jenny Wiley Country: A History of the Big Sandy Valley in Kentucky's Eastern Highlands and Genealogy of the Region's People icon

Early Kentucky Landholders, 1787-1811

The Biographical Encyclopedia of Kentucky: Of the Dead & Living Men of the Nineteenth Century

Marylanders to Kentucky icon

More Marylanders to Kentucky, 1778-1828 icon

Passports of Southeastern Pioneers, 1770-1823: Indian, Spanish and Other Land Passports for Tennessee, Kentucky, Georgia, Mississippi, Virginia, North and South Carolina

Kentuckians in Illinois

Kentuckians in Missouri: Including Many Who Migrated by Way of Ohio, Indiana, or Illinois icon

Pioneers of Eastern Kentucky; Their Feuds and Settlements

'To Shoot, Burn, and Hang:' Folk-History from a Kentucky Mountain Family and Community

From Red Hot to Monkey's Eyebrow: Unusual Kentucky Place Names

Polish Pioneers of Virginia and Kentucky; With Notes on Genealogy of the SADOWSKI Family

A History of Kentucky-Embracing Gleanings, Reminiscences, Antiquities, Natural Curiosities, Statistics, & Biographies

The Pioneer Press of Kentucky, From the Printing of the First Paper West of the Alleghenies, August 11, 1787, to the Establishment of the Daily Press in 1830

Heroes and Horses: Tales of the Bluegrass

Haunted Houses and Family Ghosts of Kentucky

Felix Moses: The Beloved Jew of Stringtown on the Pike icon

South from Hell-Fer-Sartin: Kentucky Mountain Folk Tales

Kentucky Families: A Bibliographic Listing

Kentucky Pioneers and Their Descendants

Petitions of the Early Inhabitants of Kentucky to the General Assembly of Virginia, 1769-1792

The Kentucky Land Grants: a Systematic Index to All of the Land Grants Recorded icon
"This standard reference work contains abstracts of approximately 150,000 Kentucky land grants for the entire period 1782-1924, and it is usually the first book any searcher for Kentucky ancestors uses. Arranged alphabetically according to the type of grant, it provides the full name of the grantee, number of acres, date of survey, name of county, watercourse, and the volume and page number of the original entry. Out of print for many years, the book is now in great demand."

Kentucky Pioneer and Court Records: Abstracts of Early Wills, Deeds and Marriages from Court Houses

Life and Writings of John FILSON, the First Historian of Kentucky Filson Club Publications Number One icon

Kentucky Court and Other Records, Volume I: Early Wills and Marriages, Old Bible Records and Tombstones Inscriptions

Kentucky Court and Other Records, Volume II: Wills, Deeds, Orders, Suits, Church Minutes, Marriages, Old Bibles and Tombstone Records

Pioneer Kentuckians With Missouri Cousins icon

Stories of Kentucky Feuds icon

An Atlas of Boone, Kenton and Campbell Counties, Kentucky icon 

Historic Families of Kentucky: With Special Reference to Stocks Immediately Derived from the Valley of Virginia icon

Kentucky Family Archives

Kentucky Obituaries, 1787-1854

Census of Kentucky 1850, Four Volumes icon

Register of the National Society of the Colonial Dames of America in the Commonwealth of Kentucky icon

A Complete Index to the Names of Persons, Places and Subjects Mentioned in Littell's Laws of Kentucky: A Genealogical & Historical Guide

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Kentucky Folks & Families: Biographies, Autobiographies, Genealogies, etc., by Surname

Historic Families of Kentucky: With Special Reference to Stocks Immediately Derived from the Valley of Virginia icon

History of the AUKERS, CONLEY, RICE, STAMBAUGH & WITTEN Families of Johnson County, Kentucky

Sold! Early Kentucky Pioneers: FULKERSON, BULLOCK, KIMBLEY, TICHENOR and Allied Families: Their Ancestors and Descendants

Kentucky's Bicentennial Family Register

The KIRK and WILSON Family Tree icon

Descendants of Stephen C. HAWKINS of Campbell County, Kentucky With Reference to the Allied Families of BARTON, CLEPHANE, ECKERT, MARSHALL, and THOMASSON


Sold! JOUETT - BUSH - FRAZER: Early Kentucky Artists

Our Pioneer Ancestors, Vol. II: the Genealogy of the SCOTT and GALLOWAY Families (Scotland, Mifflin Co., Pennsylvania, Bourbon Co., Kentucky)

Kentucky BRIGHTs and their Kin: Including CRABB, DRANE, FORD, HOPKINS and KING Families icon

The ALLEN Family of Eastern Kentucky icon

Samuel ALLIN (1756-1841), Revolutionary War Soldier of North Carolina and Kentucky: A Record of His Many Descendants, 1756-1960 icon

Original 1855 Vintage Sheet Music: Evergreen Polka Mazourka icon
Dedicated to Margaret and Sarah ARTHUR of Maysville, Kentucky

The BANTAs of Pleasant Hill, Kentucky: Their Ancestors & Descendants icon

William BEARD of Nelson County, Kentucky, and His Descendants

Sold! BEAVEN - BLANFORD - CLARKSON - MITCHELL Families of Maryland, Kentucky, U. S. A.

Thomas H. BENTON of Morgan County, Kentucky and His Descendants icon

Sold! The BUCHER - BOOKER Family, 1686-1990: From Klein Gartach, Wurttemberg, Germany to Frederick County, Virginia to Harrison & Jefferson Counties, Kentucky to Knox & Sullivan Counties, Indiana to the Illinois Counties of Jasper, Macon, Moultrie, Piatt... icon

The BOSWELLs of Shelby County, Kentucky icon

The BOWMANs, a Pioneering Family in Virginia, Kentucky, and the Northwest Territory

The Story of a Family: The Origins of the PRINCE and BRADSHAW Families of Lyon County, Kentucky


To Western Woods: The BRECKINRIDGE Family Moves to Kentucky in 1793 icon

Sold! The BRIAN - BRYAN - O'BRIAN Family of Colesburg, Hardin County, Kentucky: A Collection of Genealogical Records of the Descendants of Charles and Susanna (French) BRIAN and Henry and Matilda (Brewer) SPINK With FRENCH, HUFF, MEDLEY, SKEES, WISE and Other Allied...icon

Kentucky BRIGHTs and their Kin: Including CRABB, DRANE, FORD, HOPKINS and KING Families

John Tinne BROCK of Clark County, Kentucky: Ancestors & Descendants icon

Three Kentucky Pioneers: James, William, and Patrick BROWN icon

The BUCKMAN Family of Maryland, Kentucky, Missouri, U. S. A. icon

Oxmoor, the BULLITT Family Estate Near Louisville, Kentucky, Since 1787

Ancestors & Descendants of Thomas SIMS of Culpeper County, Virginia, Edmund BUTLER of Virginia and Kentucky with Allied Families & Other Culpeper Data icon

East of the Ohio, South of Red Banks, West of Harpe's Head, North of the Tradewater With Judge Peter CASEY, His Court, Nancy WAGGENER and Their Contemporaries (1811-1812) Henderson, Union, Webster Counties (a Biography & Local History) icon

The John CHANDLER Family of Green and Taylor Counties, Kentucky icon

A History of the Family of John Collins CLARDY of Kentucky icon

Descendants of General Jonathan CLARK, Jefferson County, Kentucky, 1750-1811

The Bonds of Union, Volume I: Descendants of Thomas CLARKSTON (1787-1858) icon

The CLINE Book:  Being Descendants of Levi CLINE and Elizabeth McCLASKEY of Carroll County, Indiana, with Some Records of John CLINE of Shelby County, Kentucky and His Children icon

The Sun Will Shine Again: An Orphan Boy's Journey Through the Great Depression and the "Big War" icon
by Powell County native Ralph CONLEE

Voices from the Century Before icon
CLAY & FIELD Families, Bourbon Co., KY

The COOKSEY & JOBE Families of Lawrence County, Kentucky

Descendants of John Michael KREIDER of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania: CRIDER Families of Virginia, Kentucky & Tennessee,

The DANCE Family

The DICKINSON Family of Glasgow, Kentucky icon

Heritage: The history and Genealogy of the DONALDSON and WHALEY Families of Bath County, Kentucky, and Their Descendants icon

The DUNCANs of Bourbon County, Kentucky: With Notes From Other Counties icon

DuVALs of Kentucky from Virginia, 1794-1935: Descendants and Allied Families icon

Civilizers: the DuVALs of Texas: From Virginia Through Kentucky and Florida icon

The EIMSON Families: Revised Origin and History of the Kentucky EMISONs icon

The ENGLAND Family in Virginia, Kentucky, Missouri and Illinois icon

Sold! The FALCONBURYs of Casey County, Kentucky icon

Sold! A FINN Genealogy, 1750-1985: Some Ancestors and Descendants of Colman FINN, 1823-1916, Grandson of Richard FINN, 1750-1833 of Adair County, Kentucky

Biographical Genealogies of the Virginia-Kentucky FLOYD Families: With Notes of Some Collateral Branches

Annals of the FOWLER Family, with Branches in Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama, Mississippi, California and Texas

Captain John FOWLER of Virginia and Kentucky: Patriot, Solider, Pioneer, Statesman, Land Baron and Civic Leader icon

Autobiography of John G. FEE icon

Sold! Judge James GARNETT 1834-1905: His Ancestors and Descendants icon

Governor GARRARD, of Kentucky: His Descendants and Relatives icon

Josiah GOODWIN and Descendants icon

Sold! Ancestors and Heirs of the Paralee GRAHAM and Daniel SANDERS Family of Mercer County, Kentucky

The GREENs of Falls of Rough: A Kentucky Family Biography, 1795-1965

Sold! Descendants of Joshua HALL and Related Families of Central Kentucky icon

Snow Hill Remembered: A History of the HARRIS Family of Maryland, Ohio, and Kentucky icon

Descendants of Stephen C. HAWKINS of Campbell County, Kentucky With Reference to the Allied Families of BARTON, CLEPHANE, ECKERT, MARSHALL, and THOMASSON

Sold! Descendants of Richard HENRY, 1797-1876 - Kentucky & Illinois

Some Descendants of John and Elizabeth Cummins JACKSON in Kentucky: Kentucky Relatives of Stonewall JACKSON icon

The Thread Runs Not so Truly: a Family Story: Containing a Partial Account of a JENKINS Family That Originated in Letcher County, Kentucky

The COOKSEY & JOBE Families of Lawrence County, Kentucky

Sold! The JONESes of Kentucky's Calloway & Marshall Counties, 1820-1910 icon

Three Little Children in the Hills of Kentucky
KELLY Memoir

Generations: An American Family icon
LEDFORD Family of Harlan Co., Kentucky

Sold! Jacob LEMMON of Maryland and Kentucky icon

Three Generations of Kentucky LINCOLNs; Elizabethtown, Kentucky 1779-1879 icon

Under the Shadow of the LYNN Tree; Vols. 1 & 2; Casey County Kentucky

MARSHALL of King George County, Virginia and Mason County, Kentucky;  BERRY - KERCHEVAL - ROY and Connected Families

Peter MARTIN, 1741 - 1807: A Revolutionary Soldier of Virginia Buried in Shelby County, Kentucky; His Washington County, Indiana and Many Other Descendants. 464p., typescript

MAYNARDs of East Kentucky

The Family of John MASSIE, 1743-c.1830, Revolutionary Patriot of Louisa County, Virginia, Including Early Emigrants to Kentucky and Texas and Related Families, BACHMAN, BAKER, BOLLINGER, BURRUS, CLOPTON, DUKE, HARRIS, JACKSON, KEENER, MILLS, OVERTON... icon

Family of Wesley D. McCANN: Bourbon County, Kentucky, Adams County, Illinois

William McCOY & His Descendants; A Genealogical History of the Family of William McCOY, One of the Scotch Families Coming to America Before the Revolutionary War, Who Died in Kentucky about the Year 1818. Also a History of the Family of Alexander McCOY... icon

The Life and Times of Ephraim McDOWELL

The John Stephen McFADIN Family of North Carolina, Kentucky, Indiana, & Kansas icon

William McMURTRY of Kentucky and Alabama and His Descendants icon


The MILWARD Family of Lexington, Kentucky: 1803-1969

Jacob MINOR in Kentucky and His Descendants

A Union Woman in Civil War Kentucky: The Diary of Frances PETER

A Genealogy of the POPE Family of Kentucky icon

The PRICHARD Family: History and Genealogy of the Descendants of James and Elizabeth Hughes PRICHARD of New Castle, Kentucky

The Story of a Family: The Origins of the PRINCE and BRADSHAW Families of Lyon County, Kentucky

The PURSLEYs and the STOUTs of Barren County, Kentucky

Henry RAINS, 1767-1838: The RAINS Family of Yellow Creek, Kentucky icon

The RISNER Family of Eastern Kentucky (4 Volumes)

The ROGERS Family of Paint Lick and Crab Orchard : Ancestry and Descendants of Joseph and Ellen Stewart ROGERS of Garrard, Rockcastle & Lincoln Counties in Kentucky icon

Famous Virginia & Kentucky RUSSELLs

Polish Pioneers of Virginia and Kentucky; With Notes on Genealogy of the SADOWSKI Family

Sold! Ancestors and Heirs of the Paralee GRAHAM and Daniel SANDERS Family of Mercer County, Kentucky

SANDERS Family of Grass Hills

The SANDERS of Saloma [Kentucky]: Some Ancestors and Descendents of Henry SANDERS, 1776-1844, with Notes on Related Families

Descendants of Lemuel SHERWOOD With a Named Daguerreotype of Wife Mrs. Mary SHERWOOD, Age 45 Years, Brookland, Ohio Nov 25, 1853 icon

Ancestors & Descendants of Thomas SIMS of Culpeper County, Virginia, Edmund BUTLER of Virginia and Kentucky with Allied Families & Other Culpeper Data icon

Ancestors and Descendants of Henry SIPES, Breckinridge County, Kentucky, 1655-1985 icon

Raccoon John SMITH: Frontiersman and Reformer

SNYDER Family History: Headed by Frederick and Son, William, of Whitley County, Kentucky icon

Sold! The SPALDING Family of Maryland, Kentucky and Georgia from 1658...

Bluegrass Craftsman: Being the Reminiscences of Ebenezer Hiram STEDMAN, Papermaker, 1808-1885

STEVENSON Family History; from the Eastern Shore of Maryland (Old Somerset, renamed Worcester County) to Woodford County, Kentucky, to Putnam County, Indiana, with Allied Families icon

The PURSLEYs and the STOUTs of Barren County, Kentucky


Sold! Biography of Elder Alfred TAYLOR

Sold! The THOMPSON Family of Prince Edward County, Virginia; Butler & Trigg Counties, Kentucky; and the Florida Parishes of Louisiana; the Descendants of Thomas THOMPSON, 1740-1810 Including the Families BREATHITT, BRISTOW, CARTER, GAYDEN, GRINTER, HILL

Sold! Ancestry of Sanford Lathadeus TIPPIN Family of Henderson County, Kentucky icon

Sold! Memoir of Col. Charles S. TODD icon

TRABUE Family History; Ancestry and Known Descendants of David TRABUE Jr., Born Oct. 9, 1768, Manikintown, Virginia, Died Apr. 8, 1842, Jessamine County, Kentucky icon

Memoirs and History of the Peyton TUCKER Family: Ancestors and Descendants of England, Wales, Vermont, Massachusetts, Maryland, Virginia, the Carolinas, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Illinois, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma, and... icon

Sold! V. WARE's Picture Gallery icon

Sold! The WARREN Family of Trigg County, Kentucky

Notes on Amos WEST (1766-1819) of Sumner County, Tennessee, and Logan County, Kentucky icon

William Edward WEST, 1788-1857: Kentucky Painter

Heritage: The History and Genealogy of the DONALDSON and WHALEY Families of Bath County, Kentucky, and Their Descendants icon

WILFORD - WILLIFORD Family Treks Into America and a Reprint of Counties of Christian and Trigg, Kent

WILSON Families in Cumberland County, Virginia and Woodford County, Kentucky

Sold! Samuel WOOD, His Seven Sons and Their Descendants: Virginia to North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Illinois and Beyond, 1755-1988 icon

David Wendel YANDELL: Physician of Old Louisville

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Kentucky Patriots:  Military History

Revolutionary War Pensioners of Casey County, KentuckyA Checkerd Life History of the 24th Union Regiment

Abstracts of Pension Papers of Soldiers of the Revolutionary War, War of 1812, and Indian Wars, Who Settled in Hickman County, Kentucky

Perryville: This Grand Havoc of Battle icon

Lincoln and the Bluegrass: Slavery and Civil War in Kentucky

Two Germans in the Civil War: The Diary of John DAEUBLE and the Letters of Gottfried RENTSCHLER, 6th Kentucky Volunteer Infantry (Voices of the Civil War Series)

The Response of Kentucky to the Mexican War, 1846-1848

Kentucky in the War of 1812

The Civil War in the Big Sandy Valley of Kentucky

Fulton Countians in the Civil War: Biographical Sketches of the Men from Fulton Co., Kentucky, and Surrounding Area who Participated in Our Nation's Civil War, 1861-1865: Unit Histories and Muster Rolls icon

Rattling Spurs and Broad-Brimmed Hats: The Civil War in Cynthiana and Harrison County, Kentucky icon

The Union Regiments of Kentucky

History of Morgan's Cavalry

Camp Nelson, Kentucky: A Civil War History

1890 Special Veterans' Census for Eastern Kentucky

Bourbon County Men and Women Who Served in World War Two icon

The Cornstalk Militia of Kentucky (1792-1811) icon

Kentucky & the Second American Revolution: The War of 1812 icon

Report of the Adjutant General of the State of Kentucky: Soldiers of the War of 1812

History of the Orphan Brigade, 1861-1865 icon

Ten Months in the 'Orphan Brigade:' Conrade Wise CHAPMAN's Civil War Memoir 

Kentucky Cavaliers in Dixie: Reminiscences of a Confederate Cavalryman
by George Dallas MUSGROVE

Old Cane Springs a Story of the War Between the States in Madison County, Kentucky

A Southern Boy in Blue: The Memoir of Marcus Woodcock, 9th Kentucky Infantry (U.S.A.) (Voices of the Civil War)

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Uniquely Kentucky: Vintage Postcards, Cookbooks, Maps & More

Eating Your Way Across Kentucky: The Recipes: A Collection of Famous Favorites from the Best Selling Restaurant Travel Guide icon

Kentucky Hospitality: A 200-Year Tradition icon

My Old Kentucky Homes Cookbook icon

Unique, Original 1907 Louisville College of Dentistry Class Photo
From the seller: "Large 1907 Louisville College of Dentistry Psi Omega Framed Class Photo by Standeford Photos. This photo, a Louisville College of Dentistry vellum degree, and State of Tennessee license of W. P. Claxton, DDS to practice dentistry all came from the 1829 ante-bellum home, "Frogmore," in the bucolic West Tennessee village of Somerville, Fayette County, Tennessee. It is in very good condition in the original frame and has the photo of W. P. Claxton, DDS, from a pioneer West Tennessee Family."

South Central Kentucky Postcard History: Adair, Barren, Green, Hart & Taylor Counties

Dining in Historic Kentucky: A Restaurant Guide With Recipes

Unique, original 1790 Document Appointing Three Citizens of Kentucky to Examine a Witness in a Lawsuit icon
Signed by Christopher GREENUP (1750-1818; U. S. Congressman, 1792-1797, Governor of Kentucky, 1804-1808. From the seller: "A partly printed document, completed in manuscript and signed by Greenup 28 January 1790, at Danville, Kentucky, in his capacity as clerk of the Virginia Court for the District of Kentucky. Half-sheet 4to, 6 1/2 x 8 1/8 inches. The suit involved a complaint against John REID by Jacob MYERS and Gabriel COX; James BAIRD, and Robert ABLE were being asked to question Walter BEALE as a witness for MYERS. GREENUP, in his official capacity, is named in the printed portion of the document and the three questioners signed a statement on the verso attesting to the completion of their task. Folded; some browning, worn along top edge (not affecting text). Still a good example. GREENUP, a native of Virginia, served in the Revolutionary War, achieving the rank of captain. Emigrating to Kentucky in 1783, he settled in Lexington to begin a career in law; he was named clerk of the Virginia court for the District of Kentucky in 1785 and was elected to the Virginia legislature the same year. He participated in the relevant conventions seeking statehood for Kentucky and was elected one of its first congressmen in 1792. 'In 1804 he was elected governor for the regular term of four years and during his tenure of office assumed an intelligent and progressive attitude on the questions of the day' (DAB)."

Original 1860 Broadside! LAND Sale!  [followed by 16 lines describing details and terms of the sale]. Signed in type "M. S. DRAUGHON, C & M." From the seller: "62 1/2 acres of land belonging to Calvin HART, on Buzzard Creek in Robertson County, on which were located "good buildings and a good water saw and Grist Mill," were to be sold at public auction to settle a court case. Not in Hummel. Not recorded on OCLC. Printed broadside, 9 1/4 x 12 inches, employing several sizes and styles to type, including one large display type for the headline. Some foxing, but a very good copy."

Sold! Original 1944 Brochure: Bethany Orphanage Began In A Windowless Log Cabin; 1926 - 1944; Stands As A Beacon Light To The Mountain Orphans Community People

Kentucky: The Master Painters from the Frontier Era to the Great Depression

Sang Branch Settlers: Folksongs and Tales of a Kentucky Mountain Family icon

Hospitality Kentucky Style, Kentucky Heritage Grand Tour and Kentucky Fine Foods and Spirits

The New Claudia Sanders Dinner House of Shelbyville, Kentucky, Cookbook

Out of Green River Kitchens (A Collection of Family Recipes) icon

A Fort Craig Reader: An Historical Cookbook Presented By the Hart County Historical Society

Favorite Recipes From Caldwell County Homemakers 1971 icon

Central Kentucky: Bullitt, Marion, Nelson, Spencer & Washington Counties (Postcard History Series)

Sold! A New Map of Kentucky With Its Roads & Distances From Place to Place Along the Stage & Steam Boat Routes icon

Original 1855 Vintage Sheet Music: Evergreen Polka Mazourka
Dedicated to Margaret and Sarah ARTHUR of Maysville, Kentucky

Larue County Kitchens

Sold! Home Cookin': the JANES Family icon

The Green Line; The Cincinnati, Newport & Covington Railway: An Illustrated History of Public Transit in Northern Kentucky icon

Charles Patteson's Kentucky Cooking icon

Sold! Green River Catfish Festival Cookbook, Etc. icon

Thoughts on the Kentucky Rifle in Its Golden Age icon

Greetings from Kentucky: A Post Card Tour, 1900-1950 icon

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