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Creating Junior Genealogists: Tips and Activities for Family History Fun

A Student's Guide to Jewish American Genealogy
"This major contribution to young adult genealogy studies helps create ethnic pride, self-esteem, and awareness of the extraordinary accomplishments each ethnic group has brought to the American experience."
Grades 6-12

A Student's Guide to Chinese American Genealogy icon

A Student's Guide to African American Genealogy icon

A Student's Guide to Italian American Genealogy
Ages 12 & Up.

A Student's Guide to Irish American Genealogy icon

A Student's Guide to German American Genealogy icon

A Student's Guide to Polish American Genealogy

A Student's Guide to British American Genealogy

A Student's Guide to Scandinavian American Genealogy icon

A Student's Guide to Mexican American Genealogy

 A Student's Guide to Native American Genealogy

A Student's Guide to Japanese American Genealogy icon

Climbing Your Family Tree: Online and Off-line Genealogy for Kids
Grades 5-9. "Now completely revised, updated, retitled, and filled with detailed guidance on utilizing the Internet, Climbing Your Family Tree is the comprehensive, kid-friendly genealogical primer for the 21st century, and a dramatic story of how and why our ancestors undertook the arduous voyages of immigration to this nation. It teaches kids to track down important family documents, including ships' manifests, naturalization papers, and birth, marriage, and death certificates; create oral histories; make scrapbooks of photos, sayings, and legends; and compile a family tree. A full chapter is devoted to the online search, and relevant Internet information has been incorporated into all the other chapters. Also new are more kids' genealogical stories and a reworked, easier-to-use design, and supporting the book will be a Web site that will include record-keeping pages, links to sites in the book, and more."

Dig Up Your Roots and Find Your Branches: A Child's Guide to Genealogy
"Dig Up Your Roots and Find Your Branches
is a fun guidebook for children hoping to uncover facts about their family history. Includes simple, yet thorough instructions, puzzles, charts, and ideas for Internet searches!" Ages 9-12.

My Family Tree: A Bird's Eye View icon

Through the Eyes of Your Ancestors: A Step-By-Step Guide to Uncovering Your Family's History icon
Grades 4-8. "Here is an easy-to-follow approach to the fascinating hobby of genealogy. Every family has a story, and this book can help kids uncover the secrets and adventures of their own ancestors. From lists of helpful organizations to sample interview questions, state-of-the-art computer programs to Web sites, this guide will help children become family historians. 

"Each chapter begins with a real anecdote, enticing young readers with visions of what they might find hidden in their ancestors' pasts. All varieties of families are represented here - extended, adoptive, and blended, from many races and cultures - with emphasis on the unique role that each has played in the founding and development of the United States." Ages 9-12

Immigrant Kids
"A refreshingly un-woeful introduction to the experience of being a young urban immigrant around the turn of the century. . . . photos make the scenes real and recollections of immigrant childhoods give them a personal dimension . . . Concise, graphic, and designed in every respect to catch and hold the reader's interest.--Kirkus Reviews." Ages 9-12

If Your Name Was Changed at Ellis Island
A look at the history of Ellis Island and immigration discusses why people came to America, what Ellis Island looked like then, and other issues and includes quotes from those who passed through the immigration center." Ages 9-12

The Great Ancestor Hunt: The Fun of Finding Out Who You Are   Ages 9-12

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