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It will take me awhile to get all of these documents scanned and posted, so check back (and be sure to hit "reload!") to see what's been added.

These records were obtained from the National Archives and Records Administration in Washington, D. C. They are from John MAY's pension application file, which was initially rejected, but then granted.

As you will see, there is a great deal of documentation that was submitted in order for John MAY (and later his widow) to prove that he did indeed qualify for a pension.  John MAY began his service in Virginia, but later moved to Rockingham County, North Carolina, where he had been deeded a gift of land by his father, Charles MAY (who appears to have remained in Buckingham County, Virginia). 

The first page declares that he was born in Buckingham County, Virginia on February 27, 1757, among other things. The second page is a continuation. A wealth of family information is fund here!

The third page appears to be a certificate of pension awarded to John's widow, Elizabeth. 

John MAY of Buckingham County is listed in as an Ensign in the Register of Virginians in the Revolution, Alphabetical Register of Virginians in the Revolution, Page 510, in the online data collection. 

While I'd already obtained the records from the National Archives, this data set was especially valuable to me because this is also where I found John's brother Peter listed. Peter was my 4th gr-grandfather, and NARA had no record of his Revolutionary War service. I had read that Peter May had served in the Revolution, but I had not been able to confirm this in other sources until I found it in this online database!

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