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Stammbaum: The Journal of German-Jewish Genealogical Research

The Jews of Cuba

Yad Vashem: The Holocaust Martyrs' and Heroes' Remembrance Authority

Survivors of the Shoah
Since its establishment in 1994, the Shoah Foundation has collected and preserved an archive of more than 50,000 videotaped testimonies of survivors and witnesses of the Holocaust. Although the Foundation continues to conduct interviews, the focus has shifted to cataloguing the testimonies and the long-term goal of making them accessible to the world.

Jewish-American and Deep South Jewish Heritage

San Antonio, Texas Jewish Genealogical Society

Search Jewish Family History Records at

The Forgotten Jews of Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana

The Jews of New Jersey: A Pictorial History

The Jewish Burials of Macon, Georgia: 1844-1997

A Student's Guide to Jewish American Genealogy

The Jews Of Ireland, From Earliest Time To The Year 1910

Resources for Jewish Genealogy in the Boston Area

Brownsville: The Birth, Development and Passing of a Jewish Community in New York icon

The Lee Max Friedman Collection of American Jewish Colonial Correspondence: Letters of the FRANKS Family, 1733-1748 icon

A Traveler's Guide to Pioneer Jewish Cemeteries of the California Gold Rush icon

The Gates of Heaven: Congregation Sha'arai Shomayim, the first 150 years, Mobile, Alabama, 1844-1994 icon

The Jews Of Charleston: A History Of An American Community

Tracing Your Jewish DNA for Family History & Ancestry: Merging a Mosaic of Communities icon

Mordecai SHEFTALL: Jewish Revolutionary Patriot

Mordecai MacCOBBER: The Story of a Scotch Jew in Australia

West Virginia Jewry Origins and History

The SCHWARTZ Family of El Paso: The Story of a Pioneer Jewish Family in the Southwest icon

Sydney's Jewish Community: Materials for a Post-War (II) History, 1951-1953 icon

We Brought Sinai to San Joaquin: Story of the Jews of Kern County icon

Golden Opportunities, a Biographical History of Montana's Jewish Communities

The Jewish Community of New Orleans (Images of America) icon

Muskegon's Jewish Community: A Centennial History, 1888-1988

Jewish Immigrants of the Nazi Period in the U.S.A.: Archival Resources

A Century of Jewish Life in Dixie: the Birmingham Experience icon

From Generation to Generation: How to Trace Your Jewish Genealogy and Family History icon
"Since it was first published in 1980, From Generation to Generation has inspired thousands to pursue the unique challenges and rewards of Jewish genealogy. Far more engaging than a mere how-to reference guide, this landmark book is also part detective story and part spiritual quest. As Arthur Kurzweil takes you along on his own fascinating journey through his family’s past, you’ll learn about the tools, techniques, and the step-by-step process of Jewish genealogical research – including the most current information on using the Internet and the newly accessible archives of Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. But even more, after reading this fully updated, revised, and beloved classic, you will undoubtedly be inspired to embark on a genealogical quest of your own!"

The Jewish Cemetery at Ballybough in Dublin

Out of Egypt: A Memoir icon

Americans of Jewish Descent icon

Haskoy Cemetery Typology of Stones icon

Old Bohemian and Moravian Jewish Cemeteries icon

The Early Jews of New Orleans

Mid-America's Promise: a Profile of Kansas City Jewry icon

Australian Genesis: Jewish Convicts and Settlers 1788-1850 icon

Nothing Left to Commemorate, the Story of the Pioneer Jews of Jackson, Amador County, California icon

Jewish Community of Shreveport (Images of America: Louisiana) icon

Consider the Years, 1871-1971: Congregation of Temple Israel, Omaha, Nebraska icon

Savannah's Old Jewish Community Cemeteries
Chatham County, GA

Sold! The Harrogate Jewish Community icon

Better Than Gold: an Immigrant Family's First Years in Brooklyn (Jewish Heritage Books) icon
(SILVER Family)

Monumental Inscriptions in the Burial Ground of the Jewish Synagogue at Bridgetown, Barbados icon

Sold! The History of the Jewish Community of Vicksburg (From 1820 to 1968). icon

This Happy Land: The Jews of Colonial and Antebellum Charleston

Sold! The Jewish Cemetery Ninth and Spruce Streets, Philadelphia icon

A Corner of the Tapestry: a History of the Jewish Experience in Arkansas, 1820s-1990s icon

The Unbroken Chain: Biographical Sketches and the Genealogy of Illustrious Jewish  Families from the 15th - 20th Century

Origins of Scottish Jewry icon

Sourcebook for Jewish Genealogies and Family Histories

The Jewish Heritage Cookbook

Becoming American, Remaining Jewish : The Story of Wilmington, Delaware's First Jewish Community, 1879-1924 (Cultural Studies of Delaware and the east

Felix MOSES, the Beloved Jew of Springtown on the Pike icon

A Light in the Prairie: Temple Emanu-El of Dallas, 1872-1997

Dakota Diaspora: Memoirs of a Jewish Homesteader

Australian Genesis: Jewish Convicts and Settlers 1788-1860  
"This is a new updated and expanded edition of the first and most comprehensive account of the early Jewish settlement of Australia. Its span is now extended to include the gold rush era, a period from which many Jewish-Australian families are descended. This is an enthralling book in its own right. Intensely human, it is also an important work of scholarship which illuminates many little known corners of Australian history and casts a fresh light on the popularly accepted versions of some well-known incidents."

A Biblical People in the Bible Belt: the Jewish Community of Memphis, Tennessee, 1840-1960
"As both a historian and a member of the community about which she writes, Selma S. Lewis narrates the life of Jews in Memphis from the antebellum period through the civil rights movements of the 1960s. She poignantly describes the origins and development of a healthy relationship between her "biblical people" and the people of the Bible Belt. The result is an important work of Jewish, American, and Southern religious history."

Jewish Roots in Poland: Pages from the Past and Archival Inventories "Jewish Roots in Poland: Pages from the Past and Archival Inventories, by Miriam Weiner, is a big and beautiful book, in more ways than one. It is illustrated with hundreds of antique and contemporary photographs of Polish cities and towns; and the depth and scope of its genealogical resource lists will help many Jews find amazing truths about their heritage. It's estimated that upwards of 75 percent of American Jews can trace at least one grandparent to Poland as it was defined before the Nazi invasion of 1939. Their search for roots will be inestimably assisted by Weiner's guide to extant documents such as tax rolls and Jewish community records. This book makes no pretense to being a literary triumph, but its practical usefulness makes Jewish Roots in Poland a poignant tribute to the ancestors of today's Diaspora--which means it is also, effectively, an invaluable tool for charting Jewish people's future."

Finding Our Fathers A Guidebook to Jewish Genealogy
"Most American Jews believe they can only trace their families back for two or three generations. In this work Dan Rottenberg proves that they are wrong and shows how to do a successful search for probing the memories of living relatives, by examining marriage licenses, gravestones, ship passenger lists, naturalization records, birth and death certificates, and other public documents, and by looking for clues in family traditions and customs. Supplementing the "how to" instructions is a guide to some 8,000 Jewish family names, giving the origins of the names, sources of information about each family, and the names of related families whose histories have been recorded. Other features included a country-by-country guide to tracing Jewish ancestors abroad, a list of Jewish family history books, and a guide to researching genealogy in Mormon records and in Israel."

How to Trace Your Jewish Roots: Discovering Your Unique History  
"This book is designed for the Jewish person who knows absolutely nothing about genealogy. The author's goal is to create an easy-to-read manual that would lead a novice genealogist through the process of creating a four-to six-generation family tree. David emphasizes the importance of using the Internet, calling computers an indispensable research tool. She tells how to get online and gives a sampling of Jewish genealogy Web sites. The author explains how to collect oral histories from relatives (she includes a long and detailed interview form) and discusses the various types of documents, records, and memorabilia (including government records) that can shed light on family history. She points out that first names and surnames can provide clues to a family history, suggests visiting the family's homeland, and offers a historical look at Jewish emigration and immigration. A final chapter gives advice on creating and preserving genealogical treasures."

Scattered Seeds: A Guide to Jewish Genealogy
Scattered Seeds
provides you, the reader with the tools to help trace your family tree and discover surprising and interesting facts about your family. The ten fact-filled chapters will easily guide you through your family research project and enable you to create a family record for generations to come. Included in the book are:

  • Maps, Charts and Questionnaires

  • Letter Writing Techniques

  • Where to Write for What

  • Judaic Sources

  • Holocaust Sources

  • Hebrew Glossary

  • Visiting a Family History Library

  • Utilizing Government Records

  • Using Computers and the World Wide Web

The Encyclopedia of Jewish Genealogy: Sources in the United States and Canada (The Encyclopedia of Jewish Genealogy, Vol. 1)

Library Resources for German-Jewish Genealogy

Best Baby Names for Jewish Children

Jewish First Names

Listen to Our Words: Oral Histories of the Jewish Community of Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania icon

Indentured immigrants : a Jewish family odyssey from Madeira to the Sandwich Islands

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