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Goodness gracious, great balls of fire!

March 30, 2003

Well, it's off to Baghdad, ya'll, and we can be glad that some fine soldier is soon going to send Saddam to his appointed destination in Hades. Let's hope it doesn't cost us too many lives - American & Allied lives, that is. As for Iraqi civilians, I know Saddam's killed more of them than we ever will, even if they surround every possible target with their human shields!

Speaking of the "human shields"  - that is, the ones who aren't forcibly appointed by Saddam's thugs - who have trotted off to Iraq in a foolish attempt to stop a war, all I can say is that they're demonstrating Charles Darwin's principles just beautifully.

Ditto for the Americans who are against their own country!

I don't mean the folks who don't necessarily agree with the war, but who nevertheless support our troops and our country now that we're committed to it. I'm talking about the idiots who stage "vomit-ins," who display signs that say, "We support our troops - when they shoot their officers," and so on. 

What kind of person would want to see his own country crippled or destroyed, or left vulnerable to the vicious buzzards who would surely swarm over us if we couldn't defend ourselves? (No offence is intended for honest buzzards, of course. )

Maybe someone who is (a) severely depressive and despite all evidence to the contrary, believes that we can't win, and thus who (b) hopes to appease said buzzards so that he can be eaten last? *

One who's apparently bereft of any concern for his own future, I guess. People who like to think of themselves as "citizens of the world," rather than as boorish Americans, have a tendency to forget that the rest of the planet doesn't think the same way we think.  Tolerance is not exactly a raging epidemic in the rest of the world, folks. And tolerance for weakness is simply nonexistent: the Islamofascists despise what they think of as our weakness. Our peace marchers are held in even more contempt than our patriots, in the enemy's perspective.

I have a page called History in the Making where I post links to various news articles or websites of interest. These links have to do with all of the War on Terror, whether it's in Afghanistan or in Baghdad. I don't update it daily, but I do update it when something really grabs my attention. It might be something funny or something outrageous. It might be a link to practical information on emergency preparedness or FAQ's about biological & chemical weapons.

Sometimes it will be a link to a specific group of articles, meant to be read as a group, the better to appreciate the humor,  irony, or outrageousness of whatever the topic may be.

So as you can see, it won't be an easy-to-categorize collection of links.  Some will be more serious reading and some will be funny stuff.

One thing it will always be, as will this entire website:
unabashedly pro-American.

Of course, those of you who are my regular visitors know this!

For all of the attention that the media pay to the "protestors," I am reasonably sure that most of my visitors are unabashedly pro-American, too, whichever way they vote. People who have an interest in genealogy are generally appreciative of the sacrifices that have been made for their benefit. 

Somehow, I can't picture the average anti-war protestor complaining to his fellows about that "brick wall" he's hit on that gr-gr-grandmother.

My sympathies to those of you who may have young protestors (too inexperienced to know better, perhaps) in the family, or similar connections to that embarrassing crowd. Why, I might even have some in my own family. (Though I wouldn't tell ya'll about that.) Don't let it get you down: sometimes they grow up.

I hope you'll stop by History in the Making once in awhile, though I'm sure you all have your favorite bookmarks for the latest & greatest war news. My new favorite is! has lots of new material., and will continue to have regular updates until I (a) die, (b) go broke doing this, or (c) burn out entirely.  I add new stuff every day, and there are well over 6,500 pages online now!  I hope you'll find a family, clue, or find something useful. If nothing else, I hope you'll find the site entertaining  while you're here.

Keep your powder dry!


Happy Hunting!

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God Bless America!

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