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Holy Cow... Aren't they overdoing it?

August 8, 2003

Is it just me, or has anyone else wondered why every city, town or bump-in-the-road in the Middle East where we defend American interests is referred to as the "Holy City of This" or the "Holy City of That?" I don't remember having to learn their names as "Holy" anything back when I was in Geography class so long ago. Have they all become holy just recently? And anyway, how can a city be holy? Go figure.

I'm still plugging away here, posting new material daily, but I haven't had time to work on the newsletter.  Homeschooling two busy boys keeps me very, very busy, and pretty tired, too.

I confess to having been quite distracted by the "you are there" war coverage back in the spring. The most fascinating aspect was getting to compare what I could see with my own eyes and the "interpretations" of the news by the major media outlets, none of whom appeared to have been watching the embeds do their marvelous jobs. Talk about disconnect!  My sons watched alongside me. They're 11and 12 now. They weren't nearly as amazed as I was at getting a live, firsthand view of the action: at their ages, they tend to take such marvels for granted.  Maybe this is how my parents felt when their children took everyday TV programming for granted, while they could remember the days of radio and no TV. Still, the boys knew they were watching some awesome soldiers doing an inspiring job, and they were excited and very, very proud.

Our troops are magnificent, and they're doing a great job. I'm grateful to each and every one of our military men and women, and to their families. May they all come home safely soon.

Happy Hunting!


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