Early Political Cartoon

The Dallas Morning News

Dallas, Dallas County, Texas

December 26, 1903 

Apparently a commentary on the political situation in Latin America at the time. 

A caption beneath the cartoon indicates that it originally ran in the Chicago Inter Ocean.

At this size and screen resolution, the captions on the smaller characters' signs may be difficult to read, so I'll add them here. From top to bottom, counter-clockwise:

Then smallest little guy at the top has a tag that reads "General." To his left, a slightly larger fellow is tagged with "The only private in the Colombian Army."  Just to his right, another "General" seems to be taking a swipe at the burro with a stick. Lower down, with his hands held in the air, another character says, "Caramba I used to live in El Hyde Park Chicago USA."  To his right, dodging a ricocheting bullet, is a barefoot "Secretary of War." Last, and nearest Uncle Sam's feet, is a barefoot "Major General," as the words written on his pants indicate."

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