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Family Tree Maker: I couldn't do without this one! America's #1-selling and top-rated family tree program.

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Now Available - Family Tree Maker for Mac

"GenMerge is the fast, easy, safe way to find and merge duplicates in your family data. Whether you are working on a project with your sister or evaluating family trees from the internet, GenMerge is an important addition to your genealogy tool box.

"GenMerge is a stand-alone utility that uses GEDCOM files, so it can be used with any desktop genealogy software. Using a simple “point and click” user interface apply the advanced statistical record linking features of GenMerge to quickly find duplication in a single family tree or when merging two or more trees.

"Use GenMerge to quickly and easily analyze new data to see if it is good quality and how it overlaps with your family data. In minutes you will know exactly what people are the same between two files and which new people you will be adding if you decide to incorporate the new family data in your tree. Significant family differences, such as a different father or mother for a matching individual are listed in a special report so you can zero in on these research differences quickly.

"GenMerge provides a detailed analysis of each input file with birth year, death year, surname and other statistics. GenMerge also produces a detailed report of the merging process and a consistent, error-free result which can be used with your desktop genealogy software if you choose."


GenSmarts Version 2
"Now compatible with Family Tree Maker 2008. Years ago, a new type of genealogy software debuted - one which uses artificial intelligence to make research suggestions. GenSmarts works alongside existing genealogy software to explain records that should be researched and why. Today's GenSmarts Version 2 release represents a new level of usability and power for genealogy hobbyists seeking research assistance.
"This software locates holes in your data and creates a digital "To Do" list (with links to available online research sites) to point you toward new research possibilities and sources. GenSmarts maintains an up-to-date internal listing of places, both on- and off-line, where you can conduct further research, including a description of the records available at each source. View or print your “To Do” list along with helpful background information. For census searches, this software even provides you with alternative name spellings and Soundex codes, and calculates your ancestor’s age at the date of the census.
"Compatible with Family Tree Maker and GEDCOM files.
"What's New:

  • New Data Cleanup Reports
    Print a list of all the counties GenSmarts looked up
  • New Report File Save Options
    Generate a Word document or a PDF file instead of printing on paper
  • Source/Citation Analysis and Auditing
    Point out when a suggestion is for a source you don't have
  • Partial File Analysis
    Get suggestions for only part of your file
  • Data Color Coding
    Customized colors and fonts
  • Variable Screen Sizing
    Adjust the sections you are viewing
  • File Exports
    Export into a spreadsheet or database file
  • Add A Comment
    Add comments to list suggestions
  • Sticky Filters and Bookmarks
    Start where you left off
  • And Much More"

Map My Family Tree
"See your ancestors’ lives on a map with Map My Family Tree, a revolutionary new genealogy mapping product just released this fall. Map My Family Tree reads your genealogy file and automatically plots all ancestral life events on customizable, color maps. This allows you to see where your ancestors were born, married and died.

"With Map My Family Tree you can track family migrations using the world and country maps. Zoom into any part of the world to see detailed events in that particular location. Map My Family Tree uses state-of-the-art vector mapping technology so you see more, not less geographic detail as you zoom in. With just a quick mouse click, you can automatically see each location on online maps, satellite images and aerial photographs with the built-in link to Google Earth, Google Maps, TerraServer USA and

"In addition to creating family maps, Map My Family Tree will automatically check your family history file for place name typos, missing counties and other inaccuracies. You may then copy and paste corrections to your genealogy file. As well, you can lookup over 3.3-million place names from around the world, including US churches and cemeteries. This is a great tool to find correctly spelled place names.

"The newest product from Progeny Software, Map My Family Tree is a “must have” for anyone interested in seeing their ancestors’ lives on a map!"

Compatible programs include:
• Family Tree Maker
• Ancestry Family Tree
• Ancestral Quest
• Family Historian
• Heritage Family Tree Deluxe
• Legacy Family Tree
• Personal Ancestral File
• Roots Magic
• The Master Genealogist
* Map My Family Tree will also read GEDCOM 5.5 files (including data with Western European diacritics)

Progeny's Family Tree Maker Add-on Value Pack
"Three of Progeny Software's most popular add-on products for Family Tree Maker users are bundled onto one CD for your easy use. Organize and streamline your search for ancestors with this helpful software.

Genelines is a powerful research and storytelling tool that reads your Family Tree Maker file directly and creates eye-catching timeline charts so you can see your ancestors' lives in time.

World Place Advisor automatically checks your Family Tree Maker file for place name typos, missing counties, and other inaccuracies. Latitude and longitude are provided, and you can instantly locate your ancestor’s hometown on a map with Progeny’s new built-in link to

GEDmark enables you to mark each person in the GEDCOM file with the correct author information so you always have the source of the information stored with the correct people."

RootsMagic Version 4
"Awarded "Editor's Choice" by Heritage Quest Magazine. RootsMagic is an easy to use family tree program with extensive family history reports, multiple navigation views, photos, publishing, and website creation features. RootsMagic supports unlimited people, families, events, notes, and photos. Users can print complete books (where the program writes the sentences for each event), spectacular charts, forms, lists, and even create custom reports. RootsMagic program also provides multiple database support (with drag and drop), SourceWizard, to-do lists, powerful merge features, and more. Full GEDCOM support allows users to easily share their data with others, or to easily import their data from other programs. Import directly from Family Tree Maker (v16 and earlier), PAF, Legacy, or Family Origins. Create shareable CDs of your data and photos to send to your family and friends."
  • "The best genealogy program we've seen" - Smart Computing Magazine
  • Create shareable CDs of your data and pictures to send to family and friends
  • Publish family history books for your family and friends
  • Create spectacular wall charts which you can fully customize
  • Run RootsMagic and your data directly from a flash drive

Personal Historian Version 1
"Personal Historian is software which assists you in writing personal histories, memoirs, and biographies about yourself, your family, and other individuals. It breaks this seemingly monumental task into small, manageable pieces and then reconstructs it into a complete, publishable document. From start to finish, Personal Historian makes writing a life story fast, fun, and easy. "

  • Write down thoughts and memories as they come to you and organize them later.
  • Included timelines, historical events, and questions get your creative juices flowing.
  • Add your existing word processor documents and photographs.
  • Import events directly from your genealogy software.
  • Interactive timeline gives you a visual overview of the person's life.
  • Publish your completed histories to printer, word processor, or PDF.

Family Atlas Version 1
"Family Atlas makes creating custom family maps fun and easy. You start with a map of the world that you can scroll or zoom in and out of. Choose from spherical (like a globe you can spin) or flat maps.  As you zoom in you will see more detail (like state and county boundaries).  Import directly from your genealogy software and then create markers based on that data, or add your own markers by hand.  Publish your maps with annotations like lines, text bubbles, pictures, and more.  Print to your printer or save to graphics files or PDF.
* Trace your ancestors migration around the world
* Pinpoint the sites of important family events
* Import your family data directly from your genealogy software
* Add markers to create personalized maps
* Powerful tools like a Gazetteer, Nearby Places list, and Distance Calculator.
* Print maps or save them to several graphics formats."

Family Reunion Organizer Version I
"It's never been this easy to plan your family reunion. Family Reunion Organizer is a complete reunion planning software developed by the creators of, the world's most popular family reunion planning website. Just click on an item in Family Reunion Organizer's check list, then fill in the blanks. When you finish a task, just check it off as completed. Enter your family names and addresses, and track your budget, schedule, assignments and other reunion information. Family Reunion Organizer offers dozens of printouts, including invitations, name tags, address lists and labels, award certificates, reminders and much more. "

  • Step by step checklist makes reunion planning easy
  • Family address book lets you track family addresses and details about each family member
  • Dozens of printouts including nametags, invitations, mail labels, family directory and more
  • Includes ideas for themes, games, and activities
  • Track budget, assignments, schedule, and more

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