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Memory Trees--Family Trees for the Scrapbooker
"A collection of black-and-white designs that allow the creative family historian to combine family trees with scrapbook mementos. Author and artist Tony Matthews gives permission for all his line drawings to be copied for personal use, though not for profit or gain. From heart and ivy designs to highway-style images to forest floor or toy images and more, along with comments for adding the perfect touch to one's artistic presentation of genealogy, Memory Trees is a simple means to add a fun and sprightly touch to family recordkeeping."

Paper Trees: Genealogical Clip-art
"Paper Trees is a unique collection of hand-drawn family trees and charts which you can fill in and color by yourself. All of these beautiful designs are original, and they are available as clip-art for use as cards, announcements, book covers, section dividers, reunion T-shirts and mugs, newsletter designs, research aids, or for any of a thousand other things.

"Filled in by hand, calligraphy, or type, and hand-colored in pen or paint, each of these family trees is guaranteed to be unique, and each illustration--whether elegant, whimsical, or just plain folksy--is a joyful celebration of your family. Uses for it are limited only by your imagination. You can photo-reduce the family trees for use as note cards and stationery, or you can enlarge them to show family detail at its optimum. Remember that each of these family trees is an ancestral tree. The tree starts with you, and each generation back doubles in size, showing two parents, four grandparents, eight great-grandparents, etc. You'll have a great time with these illustrations, and you can pass them on finished or unfinished, to be treasured as keepsakes or to be embellished and completed by others."

The Family History Research Toolkit: Forms & Charts for Genealogical Research CD

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