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Diversions of the Varmint Town Ladies, Nashville, 1879
<Gasp> And I thought they were .. um.... "career girls!"

Sol COLEMAN's Amusing Ad, Memphis, 1877

J. W. BROWN, Architect, Baton Rouge, 1856
Note the business address.

Adultery Case Dismissed, Boise, ID, 1891   REBER, SPAULDING

Child Wives Want Their Freedom, 1913. No, it's not today's Saudi Arabia...  HAGEN, FAY, LAMBERT, VAN HOLT

George BACHMAN Arrested, 1872  JOHNSTON
Let this be a warning....

Elections Cause Divorces! 1920
Well, they will if my husband votes for a certain horse-faced Democrat on 2004's presidential Metrosexual Ticket!

Frontier Romance from the Dakota Territory: Humble Private Elopes with Wealthy Merchant's Daughter, Fort Abraham Lincoln, 1879

Free Clairvoyant Cure for Your Hemorrhoids, 1881

Bloody Fight at Mazari Sherif, Losers Flee to Herat, 1879 Or... More of the same from Afghanistan!

Barber has Clear-Cut Payment Policy, 1867 WILLIAMS

Shocking Rhode Island Crime, 1869

SMITH Carves Up ISIAH, SC, 1898 Crime reporting sure has  changed!

BEARD Convicted of Driving Buggy While Drunk, 1897

Brazen Butcher Steals FLOWERS Hog, Near Luling, TX, 1918

ADAMS Killed While Flying Upside Down at San Leon Gunnery School, 1918 
(As a student pilot, I have nothing but sympathy for this guy!)

Mr. & Mrs. KRUG tell it to the Judge, 1897 Funny!

HAYDEN Steams to Death, 1876
Exceptionally gruesome, even without the in-your-face news cameras that we're bombarded by in today's coverage.

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