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Some of My Favorite "Antique" News Stories

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Thursdays for "Ladies Only" at Brooklyn Savings Bank, 1848
Just imagine all the hollering this would cause today!   

GRAMER & HARKER Arrested for Counterfeiting, PA, 1872

Poem: To My Cigar, 1813

Brit Praises American Can-Do Attitude, 1841   JEFFREY

Mama always told you to chew your food well.  And Mama's usually right. Bullskin, PA, 1841    BERG

Massachusetts Man Denounces Modern Dances, 1914. But with names like these, did he keep a straight face?   SULLIVAN

Boy Scout Stops Runaway Horse, 1914. 10-year-old saves the day!   LIEDTKE  

Crime (and explosives) don't pay at Point, TX,  but the postmaster still has a sense of humor, 1913

"Dead" Man Recovering From Typhoid, 1868

Masher Fined $100 for "Annoying" 18-year-old Girl, 1913

The malpractice lawyers would be salivating over this one today: Roast Baby, San Francisco, 1872

Bigger & Better in Jasper Co.: The HICKMAN Family, 1846
If this was reported in 2004, the newspaper would be demanding that the government do something about this!

William SHIRES Offers $10 Reward, Cincinnati 1841
Such language!

1810 Commentary on the Death of Jesus Christ. And they didn't even get to see the movie!
(NOTE: Big graphics, ya'll, so please be patient.)

Terrorist Plot Discovered: 3,000 Radicals Planned Reign of Terror at Pittsburgh! 1919 Wait a minute. 1919?!

Accomack County Revival has Unusually Exciting Finale, 1901   ANDERSON

Shooting Wounds Two with the Same Bullet, TX, 19

Familiar News from Afghanistan... but it's from 1879!

HAWESER Arrested for Treason, New Orleans, 1847. "Treason" apparently being an obsolete concept these days, judging by what some people get away with!  

Texans begin military drills in anticipation of war with Kaiser, 1917
None of this hand-wringing stuff, pardner. We don't do things that way here.

Arkansas Murder-Suicide Blamed on Dime Novels, 1913. You mean it wasn't TV programming or video games that did it?

Runaway White Boy! Missing: One Very Exasperating James BRUNET, Norfolk, 1835. One gets the impression that this fella wasn't too popular with his employer.

A Dandy, his Vices, and Celestial Bodies, 1915.  A better answer to the annoyances of secondhand smoke than legislation, I'll wager.  Personal, direct, and it doesn't torture New Yorkers.

Leap Year in Middle Tennessee, 1876

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Favorites Page 1  2  3  4  5

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