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Captain SMITH of the American reports Rain Containing Fish, 1807

Teacher Lina PERLITZ Saves Pupil's Life, TX, 1909

Incident with as Mackerel, Philadelphia, 1866    WHALLEY, SINNET, DOYLE

Family Feud Ends in Court, Philadelphia, 1866    DICK, KAUFFMAN

5-Year-Old James TEELING Saves Baby Brothers' Lives, Given Gold Medal by A. BURTON & Citizens of Whitewright, Dallas, TX,  1914

John BAKER Learns Hard Lesson about Teasing his Wife, TX 1913

More Celebrity Genealogy: Ah-nold had a Virginia Ancestor? Note the surname of the 2nd barber who refused to sign petition.

A "Persevering Suicidist" in New York

Another Election-Year Suicide, Mississippi

WWI News: British Airmen Superior to Germans! 1916 No personal names here, but a great piece about the young RAF.

Burglarus Interruptus Incontinentus, Cincinnati, 1880    NEFF

Terror in Turkey: The more things change, the more they stay the same.... 1876     An astute observation at the end of this one.

Charles ANNIS to Divorce Wife for Refusing to Bear More Children, GA, 1912   I wonder why?

More From the All-Too-Familiar Department: Texan Executed by Turks (Different country, same region.)  GEORGE, THROCKMORTON

Girl Surprised to Learn she Married Lunatic, 1910. Well, at least he was crazy about her! STROUSE, FRANK

Asa CHILD in Trouble... Embezzlement and Forgery, 1841    Could this be a Celebrity Forger Ancestor of someone working for CBS?

Political Cartoon, WWI: Depicts Germans, Turks & Their Allies as  "United by Blood," 1915   Strangely familiar, isn't it? Replace the Turk with any one of his near neighbors, or a certain fellow on the Most-Wanted List,.... And you wouldn't need to replace the German. Just add France.

"Marital Pleasantries," IN, 1874    VANDEMAN        We  think she really means it, John. (And you won't see divorces reported quite like this anymore. )

Masonic Grand Master GATHRIGHT Pronounces BURKE an Imposter, Physical Description Included on this Irish Mason-Wanna-Be, MO, MS, TN,  1868

George MOORE Requests Payment, PA, 1830    Great sense of humor here!

1862 Poem: Lazy Club

Voting Rights Abuse in Alabama! But it's not what you think...

Merchant Offers Invisible Cloth, 1837
From New Jersey, naturally, where the Emperors wear no clothes.

Relatives Fight with Guns, Knives, Axes Over Land, NC, 1920  MULL, LAFEVER, BRITTAIN
Now that's a fight!

A Solution to the Damages Caused by  Young Men's Secret Habits and Depraved Sexual Indulgences, TN, circa 1875    WILKINS

Electrovoltaic Belt Restores Lost Manhood! 1885

Greedy Barber Jailed: Beware the Perils of Price Controls! 1912

Michael BLOOMER is in Hot Water, LA, 1847

New Orleans Opium Den Raided, 1912   Love that opium fiend's name!

Mr. BLAKE Gives a Pickpocket Something to Consider, NH, 1881

A Tax on Editors is Proposed, VA, 1855.    Sounds reasonable to me.... most editors I know are in favor of raising taxes!

Six Fatal Cents: BOLTON Stabs JACKSON to Death, MD, 1888

Doctor Marries Girl he Rescued From Rape (by her Father), Louisiana, 1885    HEUCKEL, BURGMULLER

Abolitionists Killed in Lynchburg! Gives a whole new meaning to "buy local!" 1860    BAILEY

Mr. FISH's Unusual Accident, VT, 1871   See? You don't have to drive an SUV to face risks on the road!

"Masculine Knaves" Plotting Against Thomas GAINER, PA, 1830

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