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January 24, 2001

Faster! Faster!

I've been torn between fine-tuning the slow pages that are already posted on The Olden Times, and adding more pages, more quickly.  It's a dilemma that's complicated by the fact that I home-school my two sweet sons, a job that gets top billing on the priorities list.

The good news: I'm changing the individual pages so that they'll load more quickly. The bad news: it's slowing down the addition of new material!

Nevertheless, I'll keep plugging away at this, adding some new pages & speeding up others. 

Thank you for hanging in here with me, those of you who've come back regularly to see what's new. 

And to those of you who may be visiting for the first time, be sure to come back, since I have literally hundreds of pounds of old newspapers to scan and add to this website, one story at a time!

Take care,