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Vintage Christmas Postcard:

Dutch Children in Wooden Shoes

Postmarked December 23, 1909, from Rockport, Indiana

Here's a pretty little Christmas postcard that was sent to Miss Grace REYNOLDS, "City," by "Mrs. BROWN." Mrs. BROWN mailed the postcard from within Rockport, Indiana, as this information can be found in the postmark.   Apparently something wet got on the card at some time, because the ink is slightly smeared on the address, but this has had no effect on the front of the card.

The card itself was evidently printed in Europe, as can be seen in the printing on the back. Although  it doesn't show up well in the image, "Depose Nr. 2212" can be found in the lower left corner on the back of the card.

This card is one of a group of postcards & keepsakes that I purchased which are from Rockport, Indiana and Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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