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The Non-Designer's Design Book: Design & Typographic Principles for the Visual Novice (3rd Edition)
"A lot has happened in the world of digital design since the first edition of this title was published, but one thing remains true: There is an ever-growing number of people attempting to design pages with no formal training. This book is the one place they can turn to find quick, non-intimidating, excellent design help from trusted design instructor Robin Williams. This revised classic--now in full color--includes a new section on the hot topic of Color itself. In The Non-Designer's Design Book, 3rd Edition, Robin turns her attention to the basic principles that govern good design. Readers who follow her clearly explained concepts will produce more sophisticated and professional pages immediately. Humor-infused, jargon-free prose interspersed with design exercises, quizzes, and illustrations make learning a snap--which is just what audiences have come to expect from this best-selling author."

Mastering Digital Printing, Second Edition (Digital Process and Print)
"Mastering Digital Printing (Second Edition) serves as a unique, comprehensive reference guide to digital printing for photography and fine art. It combines a thorough introduction to this expressive medium, instruction in the latest techniques, and a gallery of the best examples of digital art into a one-of-a-kind resource guide. Whether you are a photographer, traditional or digital artist, or printmaker, this book will help you master the techniques unique to the new world of digital printing. ...Guides readers to a complete understanding of digital printing and the differences between digital printing technologies."

Don't Make Me Think: A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability, 2nd Edition
"Usability design is one of the most important--yet often least attractive--tasks for a Web developer. In Don't Make Me Think, author Steve Krug lightens up the subject with good humor and excellent, to-the-point examples.

"The title of the book is its chief personal design premise. All of the tips, techniques, and examples presented revolve around users being able to surf merrily through a well-designed site with minimal cognitive strain. Readers will quickly come to agree with many of the book's assumptions, such as "We don't read pages--we scan them" and "We don't figure out how things work--we muddle through." Coming to grips with such hard facts sets the stage for Web design that then produces topnotch sites.

"Using an attractive mix of full-color screen shots, cute cartoons and diagrams, and informative sidebars, the book keeps your attention and drives home some crucial points. Much of the content is devoted to proper use of conventions and content layout, and the "before and after" examples are superb. Topics such as the wise use of rollovers and usability testing are covered using a consistently practical approach."

How To Start And Run A Small Book Publishing Company: A Small Business Guide To Self-Publishing And Independent Publishing
"How To Start And Run A Small Book Publishing Company begins where many self-publishing books leave off. Peter Hupalo, author of Thinking Like An Entrepreneur and the owner of HCM Publishing, teaches you the business aspects involved in operating a small book publishing company."

Publish Your Own Magazine, Guidebook, or Weekly Newspaper: How to Start, Manage, and Profit from a Home-Based Publishing Company
"A dynamic step-by-step guide to creating everything from tourism books and niche market magazines to specialty tabloids, using a home computer. Having built his own publishing business from scratch, Williams is uniquely qualified to shorten the learning curve by sharing the soup to nuts of what he has learned.

"He begins with a basic premise: Start a publication on something known, or about a specific area. The publications that have made him successful are local papers, specialty magazines, and guides. Once subject and venue are determined, it's time to consider software tools, arranging an office for productivity, how to get advertisers, how to market your product, whom to hire (and how much to pay them), and all the other aspects of profitability.

"In the sea of publishing books on the market, here's one that tells everything publishers need to know in one place. This revised version includes updated technological information on software products and addresses current fluctuations in the market and the changing business environment."

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