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December 5, 2001

When it Rains, it Pours!

I can't believe this! You have probably read in the news about Excite@home's bankruptcy. I am one of the millions who've been left high & dry without an ISP!

I can connect via a very slow phone connection, but until Charter@home's servers are working properly I have been slowed to a crawl.

Add to this the fact that AT&T, our local phone provider, has decided to pull the rug out from under us with their wireless service, and while I wait for SW Bell to come hook us up (they didn't show as scheduled yesterday and they haven't called, either), AT&T's service is deteriorating rapidly, so half of the time I can't even use the phone line to connect.

This is all on the heels of the crash of my hard drive with ensuing loss of email, web pages, scanned images, etc. It's been wild!

Nevertheless, if these are my biggest problems, I'm still just fine: I'm not under the WTC. A little perspective goes a long way towards keeping my frustration levels low.

 But don't worry - I hope to be back up to speed soon and getting new material on this website PDQ!

Stay safe, and as the old-timers used to say, "Keep your powder dry." And they didn't mean that Estee Lauder compact, either. ;-)

Happy Hunting!



God Bless America!

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