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Working with Digital Photos A to Z

"This computer video training course demonstrates the basics of Digital Photo Editing for beginners and intermediate level users. Step-by-step how-to videos are segmented into short easy to understand sessions you can review over and over again on your own computer. Master any of the wide variety of topics including scanning and digital camera capture of photos, slides, and artifacts. Easy and intermediate level photo editing, touch-ups, adding text, and filtering. How to use your word processor for photo presentation, story telling, and scrapbooking.
Learn tricks photo editors and storytellers most often use. Select the correct size, resolution, and filters to use with scanners, digital cameras, printing, and e-mail. Repair scratches, discoloration, dust, brightness, and sharpness. Make circles, ovals, and squares with feathered edges, decorative frames and captions. Make composite photos. Use your word processor as a presentation tool for photos, stories, scrapbooking, & printing."


Perfect Digital Photography

"Written by photography experts--including a Pulitzer-Prize winning National Geographic photographer--this full-color book is a must-have for amateur photographers serious about improving both the quality of their photographs and their proficiency in the digital darkroom. The book is the perfect combination of a technical treatise on digital imaging and an artistic exploration of light, composition, and form, allowing you to glean the essential techniques needed for digital photography without losing sight of the artistic and aesthetic aspects of the craft. Using an easy-to-follow approach, the authors explain the image conceptualization process through shooting, editing, and image correction to finished print. In addition, top photographers from a variety of disciplines offer real-world advice on how they use digital photography to create compelling images for high-profile magazine articles, advertising campaigns, and fine art prints. Bonus tutorials at the end of the book offer step-by-step instruction in ten of the most important skills any digital photographer should know. "

 Rick Sammon's Complete Guide to Digital Photography: 107 Lessons on Taking, Making, Editing, Storing, Printing, and Sharing Better Digital Images

"Over 1,000 images teach shooting and Photoshop techniques in easy lessons for anyone wanting expert advice on digital photography.  In 2003, digital camera sales will explode following a 35 percent increase in 2002. Rick Sammon, one of North America's most widely read photo columnists, covers all the steps in the digital photographic process. Sammon begins with basic advice for those new to photography. Experienced film shooters will enjoy Sammon's ample coverage of Photoshop and digital image techniques. And in a bonus section, Sammon offers advanced tips such as taking glamour shots, producing e-books, and setting up a home studio.  Sammon answers questions such as 'How do I select a digital camera? How do I store my images? What are the first things I should do when using Photoshop?'  Sammon's approach of 'learning to see and seeing to learn' uses pairs of images, software screen shots, and the best photographs from his own vast library. The 107 lessons take the reader through each topic in friendly, concise steps. Includes a CD-ROM with "The Camera Looks Both Ways," a mini-course in photography. 1008 color illustrations."

 The Photoshop Book for Digital Photographers

Scott Kelby's Digital Photography for Pro's is aimed at the professional photographer who is making the switch from traditional to digital photography. Digital photography is one of the fastest-growing tech markets and this book offers solutions to photographers in the digital world. Full-color, graphically rich, linear, tutorial, project-based examples of every key step in the digital photography process, from experimenting with camera settings, through capturing and manipulating the image, through editing, output and organization. Designed for the digital photographer who knows aesthetics but who wants a concise guide to "grip it and rip it" usage of digital technology. This book has the stuff that folks making the transition from film to digital need to know without skipping a beat in their work lives.

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