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"It is indeed a desirable thing to be well descended, but the glory belongs to our ancestors."
- Plutarch

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OAKES, 1912

OATES, 1862


OBEY, 1872

O'BRIEN, 1831


O'CONNELL, 1912  

O'CONNER, 1879

O'CONNOR, 1831

ODELL, 1880



O'GARVEY, 1858

OGDEN, 1881

O'HAREL, 1878

OHARRO, 1878

O'KEEFE, 1917

O'KEEFE, 1877


OLD, 1888

OLDS, 1848

OLIVER, 1811

OLIVER, 1874

OLIVER, 1883

O'MEARA, 1898

O'NEAL, 1853

O'NEIL, 1860

O'NEILL, 1914

O'NEILL, 1916

O'NEILL, 1903  

O'REILLY, 1917

ORMSBY, 1862

ORVAD, 1880

OSBERN, 1882

OSBORN, 1850

OSBORN, 1857

OSBORN, 1887



OTT, 1912  

OTTO, 1830

OWEN, 1873

OWEN, 1887

OWENS, 1903

OWENS, 1897

OWENS, 1898

OWENS, 1912

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