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The WILCOX - LUKE Genealogy: Descendants of Joel WILCOX and Catharine RANDALL of Connecticut, New York, Michigan and Indiana; and of John LUKE, Revolutionary ... New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Michigan

One Branch of the MINER Family: With Extensive Notes on the WOOD, LOUNSBERRY, ROGERS and Fifty Other Allied Families of Connecticut and Long Island

Descendants of John ADSIT of Lyme, Connecticut

A History and Genealogical Record of the ALLING-ALLENs of New Haven, Conn. the Descendants of Roger ALLING, 1st, and John ALLING, Sr., From 1639 to the Present Time

A Genealogy of the Descendants of Alexander ALVORD an Early Settler of Windsor, Connecticut

Colonial Ancestors: Four Lineal Genealogies of Eastern Connecticut Families Descending from William ANDREWS of Hartford, Robert FULLER... icon

Clockmakers and Craftsmen of the AVERY Family in Connecticut

The AVERY, FAIRCHILD & PARK Families of Massachusetts, Connecticut, & Rhode Island

Genealogy of the AYRES Family of Fairfield County, Connecticut

The Descendants of Deacon Aaron BALDWIN of North Branford, Conn., 1724-1800: With a Brief Account of His Ancestors

BOARDMAN Genealogy, 1525-1895: The English Home and Ancestry of Samuel BOARDMAN, Wethersfield, Connecticut

Genealogy of the BOSTWICK Family in America: The Descendants of Arthur BOSTWICK of Stratford, Connecticut icon

Descendants of Isaac BRADLEY of Branford and East Haven Connecticut, 1650-1898

Descendants of Thomas BREWER: Connecticut to Maine, 1682-1996, with Allied Families

Descendants of Thomas BUCKINGHAM, One of the First Settlers of Milford, Connecticut (1872) icon

Genealogical Records of Thomas BURNHAM, the Emigrant, Who Was Among the Early Settlers at Hartford, Connecticut

BUTLER Family of Lebanon, Connecticut: Account of the Ancestry and Descendants of Patrick BUTLER and Mercy BARTLETT icon

CARTER: A Genealogy of the Descendants of Thomas CARTER of Reading and Weston, Massachusetts, and of Hebron and Warren, Connecticut; Also Some Account of the Descendants of His Brothers, Eleazer, Daniel, Ebenezer and Ezra, Sons of Thomas CARTER... icon

The CHAMPION Genealogy: A History of the Descendants of Henry CHAMPION of Saybrook and Lyme, Connecticut, together with Some Account of Other Families of the Name

Silk & Guns: The Life of a Connecticut Yankee, Frank CHENEY, 1817-1904 icon

The CLARK Genealogy: Some Descendants of Daniel CLARK of Windsor, Connecticut: 1639-1913

Genealogy of Benjamin CLEVELAND, Great-Grandson of Moses CLEVELAND of Woburn, Mass. Native of Canterbury Windham County, Connecticut icon

A History of the William DEAN Family of Cornwall, Connecticut and Canfield, Ohio: Containing the Direct Descent From Thomas DEAN of Concord, Massachusetts, Together With a Complete Genealogy of William DEAN's Descendants icon

Genealogy of the Descendants of John DEMING of Wethersfield, Connecticut with Historical Notes

The Ancestors of Courtlandt Palmer DIXON and His Wife Hannah Elizabeth Williams of Stonington, Connecticut, Containing Also a List of Their Descendants icon

Genealogies of the Male Descendants of Daniel DOD, of Branford, Connecticut, a Native of England: 1646 to 1863 icon

Reminiscences of Austin C. DUNHAM icon
(1915) Privately printed.

History of the ELY Reunion

A Genealogy of the FENTON Family: Descendants of Robert FENTON, an Early Settler of Ancient Windham, Connecticut

Genealogy of One Line of the FISH Families Whose Ancestors Settled in the State of Connecticut About 1651 or Possibly Earlier

A FITCH Family History: English Ancestors of the Fitches of Colonial Connecticut icon

The FOOTE Family, or the Descendants of Nathaniel FOOTE, one of the First Settlers of Wethersfield, Connecticut, With Genealogical Notes of Pasco FOOTE, who settled in Salem, Massachusetts and John FOOTE and Others Who Settled More Recently in New York icon

Ancestors and Descendants of Samuel FRENCH, the Joiner of Stratford, Connecticut

The FRISBIE - FRISBEE Genealogy: Edward FRISBYE of Branford, Connecticut and His Descendants icon

Colonial Ancestors: Four Lineal Genealogies of Eastern Connecticut Families Descending from William ANDREWS of Hartford, Robert FULLER... icon

The Ledger of Amos GERE (AKA GEER) of Ledyard, Connecticut, 1827-1851 CD

The GILBERT - BARBER Families: Descendants of Orrin GILBERT & Mary BARBER, M. 1807, of Connecticut & Ohio icon

The GILMANs of Connecticut icon

The GOODWINs of Hartford, Connecticut: Descendants of William & Ozias GOODWIN icon

Launcelot GRANGER of Newbury, Massachusetts and Suffield, Connecticut: A Genealogical History

Lebanon Branch of the GUILD Family in Connecticut, & Some of Its Descendants. Supplemental to a Genealogy Published by L. A. & T. GUILD in 1877 icon

American GUTHRIE and Allied Families: Lineal Representations of the Colonial GUTHRIEs of Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, North and South Carolina, Some Post-Revolutionary Emigrants, and of Some Allied Families icon

The HALE Family of Connecticut

HALE, HOUSE and Related Families: Mainly on the Connecticut River Valley

The HART Dynasty of Saybrook icon

Descendants of Richard HAYES of Lyme, Connecticut, Through His Son Titus HAYES icon

Life of Rev. Jeremiah HALLOCK, Late Pastor of the Congregational Church in Canton, Conn. icon

Descendants of William HILL of Fairfield, Conn. Who Came From Exeter, England, June 5, 1632 in Ship William and Frances icon

Genealogy of the HITCHCOCK Family Who Are Descended from Matthias HITCHCOCK of East Haven, Connecticut, and Luke HITCHCOCK of Wethersfield, Connecticut

The HOLBROOK Family of Derby, Connecticut

Descendants of George HOLMES of Roxbury, 1594-1908 icon

The Descendants of James HUGGINS (1752-1819) of Granby, Connecticut icon

Records of Some of the Descendants of Richard HULL, New Haven, 1639-1662 icon

ISHAM Genealogy: a Brief History of Jirah Isham (of New London, Connecticut) and His Descendants From 1670 to 1940 icon

MACK Genealogy: The Descendants of John MACK of Lyme, Connecticut

Descendants of Richard & Gillian MANSFIELD Who Settled in New Haven, 1639, With Sketches of Some of the Most Distinguished...

MARSH Genealogy: Giving Several Thousand Descendants of John MARSH of Hartford, Connecticut, 1636-1895, Also Including Some Account of English MARSHes... icon

History and Genealogy of the MEAD Family of Fairfield County, Connecticut, Eastern New York, Western Vermont, and Western Pennsylvania from A.D. 1180 to 1900 icon

History of the Simon MILLS Family Through His Son John MILLS and Grandson Joseph MILLS of Simsbury, Connecticut icon

John-Simon MILLS Line of Windsor and Simsbury, Connecticut and Some Descendants of John and Damaris Phelps MILLS of Canton, Connecticut

The Ancestry of Daniel MORRELL of Hartford; With His Descendants... icon

The NASH Family, or, Records of the Descendants of Thomas NASH of New Haven, Connecticut, 1640

The OGDENs of South Jersey: The Descendants of John OGDEN of Fairfield, Connecticut and New Fairfield, New Jersey, Born 1673, Died 1745

OLCOTT Family of Hartford, Connecticut, in the Line of Eunice (OLCOTT) Goodwin, 1639-1807 icon

The Descendants of John PORTER of Windsor, Connecticut icon

REED - READ Lineage, Captain John REED of Providence, Rhode Island and Norwalk, Connecticut

Loyal to the Land: The History of a Greenwich, Connecticut Family icon

Genealogical Record of the Descendants of David SAGE, a Native of Wales, Born 1939 and One of the First Settlers of Middletown, Connecticut

Descendants of Seth SAVAGE of Berlin, Connecticut

The Descendants of Jacob SEBOR, 1709-1793, of Middletown, Connecticut icon

A History of the SEYMOUR Family: Descendants of Richard SEYMOUR of Hartford, Connecticut...

Richard SEYMOUR of Hartford: Progenitor of the SEYMOURs in America icon

A New Canaan Private in the Civil War; Letters of Justus M. SILLIAN, 17th Connecticut Volunteers

A Complete Genealogy of the Descendants of Matthew SMITH of East Haddam, Conn. , With Mention of His Ancestors. 1637-1890 icon

The Thomas SPENCER Family of Hartford, Connecticut, in the Line of Samuel SPENCER, of Cromwell, Connecticut: 1744-1818 icon

History of the Descendants of Peter SPICER, a Landholder in New London, Connecticut, as Early as 1666

SPOONER Saga: Judah Paddock SPOONER and His Wife Deborah DOUGLAS of Connecticut and Vermont and Their Descendants: Alden SPOONER's Autobiography: SPOONER, DOUGLAS & JERMAN Ancestry icon

STEELE Family: A Genealogical History of John and George STEELE (Settlers of Hartford Connecticut) 1635-6...

The STILES Family in America: Genealogies of the Connecticut Family, Descendants of John STILES of Windsor, Connecticut and Francis STILES of Windsor

TRACY Genealogy: Ancestors and Descendants of Lt. Thomas TRACY of Norwich, CT, 1660 icon

The History of the TREMAN, TREMAINE, TRUMAN Family in America; With the Related Families of MACK, DEY, BOARD, and AYERS Being a History of Joseph TRUMAN of New London Conn., 1666 Etc. Two Volumes icon

WAUGH Family of Litchfield, Connecticut, Ross County, Ohio, Henry County, Missouri

History and Genealogy of the WELLS Family: Some Ancestors and Descendants of Thomas WELLS of Saybrook and Hebron, Connecticut, Who Had Come from Dudley, Worcestershire, England in 1712

Matthew WEST Family (extracted from "History Of The Town Of Stonington, County Of New London, Connecticut")

The WHITNEY Family of Connecticut and Its Affiliations... icon

A Preliminary Report on the Descendants of William WILCOXSON...

The Descendants of William WILCOXSON, Vincent MEIGS and Richard WEBB icon

The WILFORDs of Branford icon

Sold! Descendants and Ancestors of Consider WOOD and His Wife, Mary ADAMS of Middleborough, Massachusetts, Pomfret, Connecticut, Dutchess County, New York, Bradford County, Pennsylvania icon

Descendants of Rev. William WORCESTER, With a Brief Notice of the Connecticut WOOSTER Family icon

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