Vintage & Collectible South Carolina Postcards

Cooper River Bridge

Charleston, South Carolina

Date Unknown

This linen postcard was never used, but the reverse side does contain some interesting information about the bridge pictured. Perhaps this was a hometown view that someone kept tucked away to remind them of Charleston when they'd moved to another city.

"Cooper River Bridge is the fifth largest cantilever bridge in the world - two miles long and higher than the Brooklyn Bridge - a shortcut from Montreal to Miami.

"An imposing monstrous structure, costing nearly six million dollars, towering over quaint historic, yet modern Charleston, S. C.

"Choice of two all-paved, scenic highways north and south through the heart of historic America - saves many hours of motoring time -

Sea Level Route...U. S. 701
Ocean highway...U. S. 17
Address P. O. Box 256
Charleston, S. C."

Also printed on the reverse side of the card: "This postcard was published by A. F. DOSCHER Sons of Charleston, South Carolina, and is a genuine Curteich-Chicago "C. T. Art-Colortone postcard (reg. U. .S. Pat. Off.)"

On the front, lower right corner, you can see the notation "2A-H529."

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Vintage linen postcard view of the Cooper River Bridge, Charleston, SC

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