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Sometimes it's only a few lines of newsprint, that - so many years later - can give someone quite a thrill! This marriage notice is a shortie, but sure enough, someone was happy to find it on!

Of course, Roy Scofield McDowell may just be as excited as I was when he wrote,

Dear Barbara,
Charles Henry Scofield and Emma M. Palmer were my grandparents. I can't thank you
enough for posting that old marriage notice! Charles Henry was born in Boston, has
was his mother Angelina. His father, Lewis was born in Vermont. Emma M. was born in
Portland ME. Charles H. And Emma had one child a son Charles Stetson Scofield born in
Boston December2. 1889 They were divorced approx. 1893 and Emma remarried shortly
after to George Clarence McDowell and moved to Truro N. S. She is buried in the Robie
Street Cemetery in Truro beside my father.
Thanks Sincerely,
Roy Scofield MacDowell

You're more than welcome, Roy. Thanks for letting me know about the link! That's such a joy for me!

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