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Who would have ever thought that relocating from Lexington, Virginia  to Bath would still be newsworthy? Probably not Joseph SHERRARD, but his ggg-grandson may disagree!

Surprises abound around here. I never expected so many connections from one story, but it's true. Apparently, folks from Childress, Texas keep up with their own pretty well. 

Something borrowed, something blue.... That's an old rhyme, isn't it? Wedding bells have echoed into the 21st century for a SPIKES researcher!

School days in New Mexico!


Relocation Continues to Make News

Jim Sherrard posted a note on GenForum to let me know that he'd found his own great-great-great grandfather in The Olden Times. The Richmond Daily Whig  (Richmond, Virginia) ran a story in 1873 about a Captain Joseph SHERRARD who was moving from Lexington to Bath. I posted the old story  in the Old Virginia News Section and left a note in the SHERRARD GenForum, and Jim found it.

Thanks for sharing the Connection with us, Jim!


Keeping Up With Childress, Texas

Ed Phipps says  that the bride in the 1914 PHIPPS-HUGGINS marriage announcement was his great-aunt Ruby! She was the daughter of James Dolan PHIPPS. Stay tuned for a wonderful old photo that Ed has kindly shared.

This marriage announcement was part of a larger Childress "Society News" item that ran in the Dallas Morning News. 

Vicki wrote:

Those Misses Wilson in the article are my 2 old maid school teacher great aunts. 1914 was also the year my Daddy was born in Childress....

She also provides a link to a photo of the ladies! Do you know anyone else in this picture?

They [ the WILSON women] are the two at the top left.......the dark haired one and blonde next to her. They were Stella
(b. 1882) and Annie Wilson (b. 1880). They both never married and taught
school their whole lives. They were my great aunts. Don't know who the
Miss Stewart was they visited.

Jim wrote:

I loved the news article! Dr. J H Jernigan was the doctor that delivered me and lived next door to my grandmother! I remember a lot of the names, of course it is from their children, etc...


Check back here for more information about these Childress connections and more.


Echoes of Wedding Bells

In  1903 Kaufman, Texas, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Marshal Osbourne SPIKES made plans to marry Hon. W. Dorsey BROWN. K. K. writes  us with this news about a family connection:

Marshall Osbourne Spikes would be my 3x great uncle. I am trying to find out more information about Marshall Osbourne and his children. I just read the wedding article in 1903 and would like to find her or her family... I have a web page with some info. and pictures. One of the pics. has Marshall and his parents and brothers and sisters. We have also been trying to find info. on John Allston (Austin) who is Marshall's brother....

Israel and Louisa SPIKES were the parents of Marshall Osbourne SPIKES and John Allston (Austin) SPIKES. Grandparents were John Edward SPIKES and Nancy COLQUEHOUNE (CALHOUN). Marshall and John Allston had 10 other brothers and sisters and 6 half brothers and sisters.

Be sure to stop by K. K.'s web page and check out those wonderful old pictures, too.

Connections from The Land of Enchantment!

"Society News" is one of my favorite parts of an old newspaper: who went to visit the big city, whose cousins are in town, whose dog bit the postman.... One such story came from Santa Fe, New Mexico, about  Tierra Amarilla citizens who'd gone to Santa Fe to put their children in schools there:  LUNA & ULIBARRI of Tierra Amarilla are in Santa Fe, 1903. I noted this on one of the GenConnect boards and got this reply from an ULIBARRI great-grandson!

 This is so much fun!

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